Welcome to ClearView Gestures

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ClearView Gestures is feature rich, fast gesture launcher which simplifies frequent tasks such as calling someone, launching messaging threads, apps or shortcuts and much more. With ClearView Gestures you can trigger actions with single step without switching apps or screen using Launch overlay, Swipe spots, Gestures pad, Favorites pad & Recents pad feature.

ClearView Gestures is fully customizable and allows you to configure your own gestures, associate actions and launch them with ease. Using ClearView Gestures is simple, add some gestures and use the gesture drawer to launch them. Gesture drawer can be launched from notification panel, Launch Overlay or Swipe Spots. Some of the actions which can be launched currently using gestures are:

  1. Launch apps
  2. Launch shortcuts
  3. Call or message someone
  4. Toggle Bluetooth, Ringer, Screen rotation, Screen timeout, WIFI
  5. Toggle Torch
  6. Toggle last app
  7. Launch Tasker tasks
  8. Open websites
  9. Quickly open System Settings
  10. Control media (Play/Pause, Previous, Next, Stop, Mute/Unmute, Volume Up/Down)
  11. Simulate Back, Home, Recents button
  12. Redial or open Dialpad

Even better, ClearView Gestures is 100% free from ads. So go ahead and download it today.

Learn more about app permissions here.

Pro Version
If you enjoy this app, do have a look at the ClearView Gestures Pro offered on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Pro version provides even more features and ease to execute gestures. With this version you can launch gesture drawer or execute gestures directly from any app or screen. Pro version introduces you to powerful Swipe Spots and Gestures Pad. Additionally you also get quick multitasking features with Favorites & Recents pad.

Swipe Spots provide capability to execute gestures without switching your current app or activity. You can just swipe from a preset edge to trigger a gesture action or launch Gesture Drawer or Gesture Pad.

Gestures Pad shows all or selected gestures in a floating pad view. You can touch an icon from pad to quickly execute a gesture action. To launch Gestures Pad without switching your current app or activity configure and use a Swipe Spot.