Launch Overlay

Launch Overlay
Wondering what is Launch overlay and how is it useful? Well it’s a themed button which appears on top of all running apps at all times. Specifically for the free version it provides ability to launch or start Gesture drawer, if you have pro version you get option to start Gestures pad as well.
This overlay can be moved around freely throughout the screen space. To move you must press and hold overlay then drag across the screen, the overlay shifts to its new position. Overlay can remember its positions in portrait and landscape modes which saves your effort to keep it moving around with screen rotation.

There is also an experimental feature available on some devices where in when you are moving overlay you get a close overlay option. Drop the overlay on this view and it will be hidden, you get option to show it again from a status bar notification. Very handy when you don’t want the overlay to disrupt your screen viewing experience in any way. On other devices you can go to Settings and disable overlay at any time. To show again you must go back to Settings and enable it from here.

You can also configure more options for overlay. Make it show the Gesture drawer only on double taps which ignore single taps, useful to avoid accidental single taps on overlay. Lock overlay to its position, prevents any movement of overlay with touch. Configure the overlay opacity to see the content below it, the overlay automatically blends to configured opacity levels in few seconds. Tweak touch feedback options and more. So go ahead and play around with the overlay options.


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