Swipe Spots

Swipe Spots
Would you like to launch Gesture drawer with a single swipe action without switching current app? Swipe spots allow you to launch Gesture drawer or execute a gesture action with single swipe from screen edges or corners. Why Swipe spots when you can launch the gesture drawer from Launch overlay which also appears on top of your current app? Swipe spots provide advanced flexibility compared to Launch overlay. Swipe spots can appear over other running apps and remain truly invisible so doesn’t even obscure your screen view. Apart from launch of Gesture drawer, they can be configured to launch gesture actions with single swipe. Furthermore these are fully configurable allowing you to configure up to 12 spots with different designated actions.

You can tweak the thickness of Swipe spots to your liking but you should keep it to minimum comfortable width to avoid touch interference with the apps below. They can be configured to auto disable when full screen activities are detected such as viewing a photo gallery etc. When disabled swipes from edges and corners is ignored and no actions are triggered. Among other options you can disable touch feedback and hide launch messages.

Swipe spots are part of pro upgrade to ClearView Gestures. By default Left lower Swipe spot is enabled to launch Gesture drawer but you can choose to override this from Settings.

See below a pictorial description showing available Swipe spots configuration and launch directions (each arrow pointer shows the launch direction for corresponding Swipe spot). To activate them go to ClearView Gestures -> Settings -> Swipe spots.
Swipe Spot Regions


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