ClearView Gestures gets it’s Facebook page

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ClearView Gestures now has it’s own Facebook page. You might want to have a look at this page.

Feel free to post comments or suggestions on this page, also we would love to hear from you.

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Gestures Pad

Gestures Pad
Have you configured too many gestures and sometimes unable to figure out what to draw on Gesture drawer. Well fret not help is here.

With pro version of ClearView Gestures you get a feature allowing possibility to show all configured gestures with a single swipe above other apps. What’s more? You can even execute gestures with single touch from here without even the need to draw them. This feature is called Gestures pad which presents you with a floating intelligent pad view showing all your gestures with icons and labels. Now what if don’t want to show all gestures but just a subset of your gestures in this pad, these could be gestures which you don’t remember or don’t want to draw again and again. You can definitely do that, go to Gestures pad settings and enable the gestures items which you would like to see listed on the pad. Sounds easy. 🙂

As with other features of ClearView Gestures this feature also comes with some handy options you can further tweak to enhance your experience. Let me provide you a quick glimpse of options available.

  • Show the pad item in Grid or List view as per your preference
  • Hide labels beneath icons on pad
  • Use gesture name as the label name beneath icons on pad
  • Use auto adjust pad to screen size or tweak number of columns that appear on pad
  • Change icon size of the pad items
  • Choose a different label color for pad items
  • Choose a different background color for pad
  • Keep pad open after gesture execution
  • Make the pad translucent and control amount of transparency
  • Hide toggle messages
  • Control touch feedback
  • Enable, disable items shown in pad

Gestures pad can be launched from Swipe spots. You can configure a Swipe spot to launch the Gestures pad from Swipe spot Settings.
I hope you would find this feature useful.

Swipe Spots

Swipe Spots
Would you like to launch Gesture drawer with a single swipe action without switching current app? Swipe spots allow you to launch Gesture drawer or execute a gesture action with single swipe from screen edges or corners. Why Swipe spots when you can launch the gesture drawer from Launch overlay which also appears on top of your current app? Swipe spots provide advanced flexibility compared to Launch overlay. Swipe spots can appear over other running apps and remain truly invisible so doesn’t even obscure your screen view. Apart from launch of Gesture drawer, they can be configured to launch gesture actions with single swipe. Furthermore these are fully configurable allowing you to configure up to 12 spots with different designated actions.

You can tweak the thickness of Swipe spots to your liking but you should keep it to minimum comfortable width to avoid touch interference with the apps below. They can be configured to auto disable when full screen activities are detected such as viewing a photo gallery etc. When disabled swipes from edges and corners is ignored and no actions are triggered. Among other options you can disable touch feedback and hide launch messages.

Swipe spots are part of pro upgrade to ClearView Gestures. By default Left lower Swipe spot is enabled to launch Gesture drawer but you can choose to override this from Settings.

See below a pictorial description showing available Swipe spots configuration and launch directions (each arrow pointer shows the launch direction for corresponding Swipe spot). To activate them go to ClearView Gestures -> Settings -> Swipe spots.
Swipe Spot Regions

Launch Overlay

Launch Overlay
Wondering what is Launch overlay and how is it useful? Well it’s a themed button which appears on top of all running apps at all times. Specifically for the free version it provides ability to launch or start Gesture drawer, if you have pro version you get option to start Gestures pad as well.
This overlay can be moved around freely throughout the screen space. To move you must press and hold overlay then drag across the screen, the overlay shifts to its new position. Overlay can remember its positions in portrait and landscape modes which saves your effort to keep it moving around with screen rotation.

There is also an experimental feature available on some devices where in when you are moving overlay you get a close overlay option. Drop the overlay on this view and it will be hidden, you get option to show it again from a status bar notification. Very handy when you don’t want the overlay to disrupt your screen viewing experience in any way. On other devices you can go to Settings and disable overlay at any time. To show again you must go back to Settings and enable it from here.

You can also configure more options for overlay. Make it show the Gesture drawer only on double taps which ignore single taps, useful to avoid accidental single taps on overlay. Lock overlay to its position, prevents any movement of overlay with touch. Configure the overlay opacity to see the content below it, the overlay automatically blends to configured opacity levels in few seconds. Tweak touch feedback options and more. So go ahead and play around with the overlay options.

Using ClearView Gestures

Using ClearView Gestures

How can ClearView Gestures be useful to me? Got this question, see below some most useful activities which can be performed with ClearView Gestures.

  1. Frequent Calls
    There are always some people who are close to us and we have to frequently be in touch with them. Why not configure some gestures and use the Call feature of this app to directly place a call without juggling through your contacts or call logs. You can use gestures which would be easier to recall such as using the first alphabet of name as gesture. Alternatively if you prefer an even faster route configure a Swipe spot or list this contact in Gestures pad. Both will allow you to place a call with a single step without even switching apps.
    What if you want to redial the last number? Select the Redial option from Calls more options menu as gesture action. In similar way you can also open dialpad.
  2. Frequent Messages
    Are you in habit of chatting using the device built in messaging or WhatsApp. Why go to the messaging app from app drawer then select the contact again and again? There’s an easier way, use the Message feature of ClearView Gestures if you want to open the messaging thread with your loved one. What if you want to open a WhatsApp messaging thread instead, well then use the Shortcuts feature and choose WhatsApp Chat. Once your gestures are set you can simply draw them to open corresponding messaging thread or to speed it up even more you may use Swipe spot & Gestures pad.
  3. Frequent Apps
    There are certain apps which we open most. If you are a Facebook fan you would open this app again & again from the app drawer, same goes with Twitter or other apps which we love most. Why spent precious time swiping through the app drawer to find your app when you can add a gesture using Application feature to launch these apps with ease. You can also configure Swipe spot or Gesture pad with favorite apps and launch them using single swipe or touch without drawing any gestures.
  4. Frequent Shortcuts
    There are limitless possibilities with shortcuts, you can use preset Google directions and link it with gestures to quickly open maps showing you the step by step navigation. Or you can have your file manager shortcut to open any folder or file with simple gesture, avoiding the need to navigate deep into the directory structure of device. If you launcher supports activities you can even go to the level of running specific activities from other apps using gestures. Major apps offer various shortcuts to their app activities you can simplify running shortcuts using gestures.
    Additionally, you can use the more options menu for Shortcut feature to get access to various system settings.
  5. Frequent Websites
    Certain webpages such as Google are something which we need to access very often. So rather than going to browser typing the link or using the bookmark you can configure a gesture with URL feature. When you execute this gesture you website would be launched in default browser. Use it with Swipe spots or Gestures pad if you would like to avoid the need to draw gestures.
  6. Frequent Settings
    When using the device we always need to change certain settings such as I myself have habit of toggling between auto screen rotation. To do this I must go to Settings and enable or disable it from there. With ClearView Gestures you can have gestures to toggle these settings for you with ease. I myself have a right corner Swipe spot which I swipe to toggle between auto screen rotation settings. So just a single step swipe to switch my settings, love it 🙂

While for you there may be other important activities that you perform with ClearView Gestures, I would be happy to hear those from you.

About this project

About Blog Image
So you know by now ClearView Gestures is an Android app which allows various actions to be executed or launched with simple gestures. It provides flexibility to quickly call someone or launch an app using your own gestures and much more.

Some background
Initially this project started when I got interested with Android and wanted to make an app for my phone which had transparent overlay where in I can draw my gesture and those can be picked up by other programs. My wife liked this idea and suggested me to share it on Play Store. But the application was just fit for my needs and I wasn’t sure if it would be useful to other people.

So I thought why not make a full-fledged app with gesture recognition capabilities which could replace my current gestures app and will be useful to other people as well.

So the project which initially started with name of ClearView got renamed to ClearView Gestures. OK, now why the name ClearView; reason being the initial project was just about having an app that provides a transparent overlay (a clear view) over other apps so you can draw on top of it. This idea later transformed into full-fledged gesture recognition app and current name got appended with Gestures.

I used to work on this app as when I had some spare time which was sometimes hard to find. So the app development started in beginning of year and took almost entire year to be good enough for full time usage. In the last quarter of year I had very limited time to work on this and was planning to release the first version hoping it would prove useful to people. So was born this app – ClearView Gestures.

All in all this app is dedicated to my lovely wife who inspired me with an idea and for sure it’s made with love :-).

Hope you enjoy the app as much as I do and thanks for using it.