What is ClearView Gestures?
ClearView Gestures is an Android gestures app. It enables you to call, launch apps or shortcuts and much more using gestures.

What is difference between free and pro versions?
In addition to what’s in free version pro version has additional features such as Swipe Spots and Gestures Pad. Swipe Spots provide ability to launch gesture drawer or execute any gesture with single swipe from any app currently on screen. Gestures Pad can show a list of all or selected gestures in a floating view so you can quickly execute any gesture with single touch.

Does ClearView Gestures free version contain ads?
No, ClearView Gestures free version is 100% ad free.

Why ClearView Gestures doesn’t working on my device?
Ideally ClearView Gestures should work on majority devices but there are variety and variation of devices in market. Also, some manufacturer customized android versions can cause problems. If it doesn’t work for your device you can report the same from Contact Us page and we will try to make it work for you. Please do provide your device, android version and problem details.

How to backup & restore my Gestures & Settings?
Go to ClearView Gestures Settings -> Backup & restore. Touch backup gestures or backup settings option. Your gestures & settings would be backed up to internal storage. To restore use restore gestures or restore settings from same screen.

How can I request for a new feature?
You can send us a feature request mail directly from app. Go to Settings -> About -> Share feedback or use Contact Us page.

How can I report a problem with app?
You can send us an issue details mail directly from app. Go to Settings -> About -> Report a problem or use Contact Us page.

I installed pro version but still can’t see pro features activated?
Please make sure you installed pro version from Google Play or Amazon Appstore directly.
Also don’t forget to restart ClearView Gestures after pro app installation for features to be enabled. Pro app acts as a license key so do keep it on device to continue enjoying pro features.

Should I keep the ClearView Gestures Pro app after purchase?
Pro version acts as license key to free version. So, please keep the pro version of app installed on device to continue using pro features.

Will I lose my gestures if I uninstall ClearView Gestures?
Yes, you could lose gestures with uninstall or removal of ClearView Gestures. But don’t worry use the backup feature to backup your gestures on internal storage. Additionally, ClearView Gestures also has auto backup feature which saves your most recent gestures on the device storage (make sure it’s enabled under backup settings).

How to remove all my gestures from app?
Go to Gesture Drawer options then select Gestures. Touch options and select “Delete all gestures”. Please don’t forget to backup your gestures in case you would like to restore them later.

How can I reset default app settings?
You can reset default app settings as and when you feel the need. To restore open Gesture drawer and go to Settings. To reset all app settings touch options and select Restore Defaults, confirm this operation.
To reset a section setting such as General, open this setting and then touch options and select Restore Defaults. This will reset default settings for current section only.
For settings reset to be completely effective you must close and reopen the app.

How to remove the persistent ClearView Gestures notification?
This notification helps you to quickly launch Gesture drawer in free version. But if you would like to remove this; from the Notification panel go to Settings -> Look & feel and uncheck Show notification option.

Can I still run Gesture drawer without using Notification panel notification?
Yes you can run or start Gesture drawer in following ways:
Go to app Settings and enable Launch overlay. This appears as a small flower shaped button on top of other apps, when touch it will launch the Gesture drawer. Configure more options for this overlay under Settings.
If you have pro version you can use Swipe spot. Left lower edge Swipe spot is enabled by default to launch Gesture drawer, you can change this from Swipe spot settings and use any of Swipe spots to start the Gesture drawer.

Why am I getting no matches on Gesture drawer?
The Gesture drawer looks for closest match to your gestures. If you are drawing similar to configured gestures and still get no match, then you may want to lower the Gesture match threshold value. To do so open Settings -> Gestures -> Gesture match (move slider towards liberal for less stringent match).

Is it possible to suppress the multiple match popup list?
Yes, you can disable this from Settings -> Gestures -> Multiple match list option. Alternatively, you can increase the Gesture match threshold towards stricter matching which eliminates multiple matches.

Can I change appearance of Gesture drawer?
Yes, you can change Gesture drawer appearance. Navigate to Setting -> Look & feel options and tweak it to your preference.

Can I use multi touch gestures with this app?
Multi touch gestures are not supported at the moment. You must use single touch to draw your gestures.

Why my gesture input gets cleared when I draw again after lifting finger?
This app requires you to draw gestures with single finger and complete it without lifting. Your gesture is considered complete when you lift finger. The gesture recognition and execution happens as soon as you lift your finger on gesture drawer which provides pretty fast response.