How Big is Georgia Tech?

How Big is Georgia Tech? is a question that is commonly asked. The answer may surprise you!

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Georgia Tech, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a public research university and institute of technology. It is a member of the University System of Georgia and has satellite campuses in Savannah, Georgia; Metz, France; Athlone, Ireland; Shanghai, China; and Singapore. The university enrolls more than 25,000 students in its undergraduate and graduate programs and is ranked as one of the top public universities in the united states

Georgia Tech by the Numbers

georgia tech is a large university with over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The campus covers over 400 acres in the heart of Atlanta. georgia tech has a large endowment and is one of the top research universities in the nation.

Student Body

As of Fall 2019, there are a total of 33,313 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at georgia tech Of those students, approximately 28% are women and 72% are men. The average age of a Georgia Tech student is 21 years old.

Campus Size

-There are more than 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Georgia Tech.
-The campus covers 400 acres (1.6 square kilometers) in the heart of Atlanta.
-Georgia Tech’s main campus is located in downtown Atlanta, just three miles from the Georgia State Capitol.
-In addition to the main campus, Georgia Tech also has two satellite campuses: one in Savannah and one in Metz, France.

Faculty and Staff

As of September 2019, there are 3,831 full-time and 419 part-time instructional faculty members. Additionally, Georgia Tech employs 2,432 full-time professional staff members and 2,266 full-time support staff members.

Georgia Tech’s Impact

Georgia Tech is a large university located in Atlanta, Georgia. The school has an enrollment of over 34,000 students and employs over 4,000 faculty members. Georgia Tech is home to six colleges and 32 schools. The school’s research spending totaled $569 million in 2017.

Economic Impact

In 2015,Georgia Tech’s annual economic impact on the state of Georgia was more than $2.7 billion. The Institute supports about 34,000 jobs statewide.

In addition to its economic contributions, Georgia Tech also generates significant research expenditures. In 2015, research spending totaled nearly $765 million, making Georgia Tech one of the top 30 public research universities in the nation.

Research Impact

Georgia Tech is one of the nation’s leading public research universities. Ranked #7 among public universities by U.S. News & World Report, Georgia Tech conducts more than $800 million in research each year.

Our research aims to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are a engine of economic development for the state of Georgia, pursuing cutting-edge work in a wide range of fields – from robotics and big data to cyber security and sustainable energy.

In recent years, our faculty have been awarded five Nobel Prizes, two Millennium Technology Prizes, and 13 National Academy of Inventors Fellowships. Our students go on to change the world, starting companies, developing new technologies, and pursuing careers in academia, industry, and government.

Community Impact

Georgia Tech’s local economic impact is both direct and indirect. Our annual direct spending in the Atlanta region is $1.6 billion. That’s not counting spending by our 15,000-plus students, who add more than $600 million to the local economy each year.

But our impact goes well beyond dollars and cents. We also contribute to the quality of life in Atlanta in many other ways, from improving traffic flow to providing cultural enrichment.

Here are some examples of our community impact:
-Research that leads to new companies and jobs
-Inventions that improve our quality of life
-A world-class workforce that attracts businesses to Atlanta
-A vibrant campus that enriches the cultural life of the city


In summary, Georgia Tech is a large university with a student body of over 31,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The campus is spread out over 400 acres in the heart of Atlanta, and the school has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the country. If you’re looking for a large university with plenty of opportunities, Georgia Tech may be the perfect fit for you.

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