How Far Will Texas Tech Go in March Madness?

How far will texas tech go in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament? It’s a question that’s on the minds of many college basketball fans. texas tech is a top seed in the tournament, and they have the talent to make a deep run. But will they be able to live up to the hype?

We’ll be following the Red Raiders throughout the tournament and providing updates on their progress. So check back often to see how far texas tech goes in March Madness!

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Texas Tech made it to the Elite Eight in the 2019 NCAA tournament. The Red Raiders lost to Virginia in OT, but their run was impressive. This year, Texas Tech is a 5-seed in the West region and will take on 12-seed Utah State in the first round.

Texas Tech’s Regular Season

Texas Tech had a strong regular season, finishing with a record of 26-6. They lost to Baylor in the Big 12 conference championship game, but they still earned a spot in the NCAA tournament as a #3 seed. Their first game is against Northern Kentucky, and if they win that, they will most likely face Kentucky in the second round. Kentucky is a very strong team, but Texas Tech has proved they can compete with anyone this season. They have the potential to make a deep run in the tournament and possibly even make it to the Final Four.

Texas Tech’s Postseason

Texas Tech has had a great season and they are predicted to do well in the postseason. Here is a look at how far they are expected to go in the March Madness tournament.

Texas Tech is a #3 seed in the NCAA tournament and they are expected to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. They have a tough first round matchup against BYU, but they are expected to win that game. They would then likely face off against Gonzaga in the second round, which would be a tough game. However, Texas Tech has the potential to make it to the Elite Eight, where they would likely face off against Virginia. Virginia is the favorite to win the whole tournament, so Texas Tech would have their work cut out for them if they want to make it to the Final Four. However, Texas Tech is a dangerous team that could make a run all the way to the championship game.

NCAA Tournament Predictions

How Far Will texas tech go in March Madness?

The 2018-2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball season is coming to a close and that means it’s time for the annual NCAA Tournament, better known as March Madness.

March Madness is a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams that compete to be crowned the National Champion of college basketball.

Texas Tech, who currently sits at 24-6 overall and 11-5 in conference play, appears to be a shoe-in to make the tournament. But how far can they go?

In order to predict how far Texas Tech may go in the NCAA Tournament, let’s take a look at their recent play, their opponents, and some other factors.

First, Texas Tech has looked very strong lately, winning 7 out of their last 8 games. They have also beaten some very good teams including Kansas, Iowa State, and Baylor. They have shown that they can compete with anyone in the country.

Their opponents in the first round of the NCAA Tournament will likely be no pushover either. While their matchup will not be determined until Selection Sunday on March 17th, it is safe to say that Texas Tech will not have an easy road to the National Championship.

That being said, Texas Tech has all the pieces necessary to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. They have a great coach in Chris Beard, who was just named Big 12 Coach of the Year. They also have a stud freshman guard in Jarrett Culver, who is averaging 18 points per game. If they can get past their first few opponents, they could find themselves playing in the Final Four.

Of course, anything can happen in March Madness so it is impossible to say for sure how far Texas Tech will go. But based on their recent play and their talent level, they appear to be capable of making a deep run in this year’s tournament.


In conclusion, it is impossible to know for sure how far Texas Tech will go in the NCAA tournament. They are a strong team with a lot of potential, but anything can happen in March Madness. The best we can do is hope for the best and enjoy watching them play.

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