How Long Does It Take to Become an X-Ray Technician?

Considering a career in radiology? Here’s what you need to know about becoming an X-ray technician including education requirements and job outlook

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Becoming an X-ray technician generally takes about two years, provided you complete a training program at an accredited institution. Some programs may take longer, depending on whether you attend school full- or part-time. You may also be able to shorten your training time by completing a program that awards credit for prior learning, such as on-the-job experience or military service.

How long does it take to become an X-Ray Technician?

X-Ray Technician is a great profession with good career prospects. The average time it takes to become an X-Ray Technician is about 2 to 4 years. The first year is spent in an accredited program where you will learn the basics of the profession. The second and third years are spent working in a hospital or clinic.

The educational requirements

To become an X-ray technician, you will need to complete an accredited X-ray technician program These programs are typically two-year programs that lead to an Associate’s degree. However, there are also some certificate programs that can be completed in as little as one year.

The certification process

Becoming an X-Ray Technician usually takes about two years. The first step is to complete an accredited radiologic technology program. These programs are usually found at community colleges, technical schools, and some hospitals. Once you have completed the educational portion of the process, you will then need to pass a Certification Exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians (ARRT).

The job outlook for X-Ray Technicians

The demand for X-Ray Technicians is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is faster than the average for all occupations. The aging population is one of the main reasons for the projected increase in demand. As people live longer, they will need more diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays, to detect health problems.

The job market

The job market for X-Ray technicians is expected to grow by about 9% in the next ten years. This is just a bit above the average for all other occupations. The aging population will require more diagnostic imaging, including X-Rays, as they live longer and experience more health problems. With the advancement of technology, more and better images can be taken with less radiation exposure, which means that patients will be more likely to choose X-Ray over other forms of imaging.

The salary

In May 2018, the median annual salary for X-ray technicians was $59,520, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10 percent of earners made more than $82,580, while the bottom 10 percent made less than $40,540.


With a little bit of research, you can easily determine how long it will take you to become an X-Ray Technician. Most people who want to become an X-Ray Technician have a medical or health background. However, this is not always necessary. There are many community colleges and technical schools that offer programs specifically designed to train students to become an X-Ray Technician. The length of these programs can vary, but most last between one and two years.

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