How Long Is Med Tech Training?

The average medical technician training program lasts between two and four years, depending on the level of education you pursue.

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The Length of Training Depends on the Program

Becoming a medical technologist usually requires completing a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or life sciences, although some employers may prefer candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or another natural science. Some medical technologists may complete a one- or two-year training program after they have completed their undergraduate studies.

Certificate programs

While some employers may hire medical technologists with a bachelor’s degree, many prefer or require certification from professional organizations such as the American Medical Technologists or the American Society for Clinical Pathology. These organizations offer certification exams that candidates can take after completing an accredited training program.

Many community colleges and other institutions offer certificate programs in medical technology that typically last one year. These programs often include a combination of classroom instruction and laboratory work. Some certificate programs may require students to complete an internship or externship in a medical laboratory before graduating.

Associate’s degree programs

An Associate’s degree in medical technology will typically take two years to complete, although some programs may be completed in as little as 18 months. These programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the field, and typically include coursework in biology, chemistry, and other sciences, as well as lab work.

Bachelor’s degree programs

Full-time students in a bachelor’s degree program can complete the program in four years. Some programs offer an accelerated option that can be completed in 3 years.

The Length of Training Also Depends on the Student

The average length of a medical technology program is about two years, but that time frame can differ based on the type of program and the school a student attends. Some programs may be as short as 18 months, while others may last up to four years.

Full-time students

Full-time students can complete a medical laboratory technologist training program in as little as two years, though many programs last up to four years. These programs typically include both classroom and laboratory work, as well as a clinical component in which students gain hands-on experience working with patients.

Part-time students

The length of training also depends on the student. If you are attending school part-time, you may need up to four years to complete the program. Full-time students can complete the program in as little as two years.

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