How Long is Security Forces Tech School?

Security Forces Tech School is eight and a half weeks long. The first four weeks are dedicated to academics and the second four weeks are spent on physical training.

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In the united states Air Force, Security Forces (SF) are the protectors of assets, people and information. Airmen in this career field are responsible for law enforcement, security patrols, force protection and combat Arms.

Security Forces Airmen go through a 14-week technical training course at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The course is divided into two parts: the first seven weeks focus on law enforcement and security procedures; the second seven weeks focus on combat Arms training.

How long is Security Forces Tech School?

Security Forces Tech School is 8.5 weeks long, and is divided into two phases.

The first phase, called the “Basic Military Training,” takes place over the first 6 weeks of Tech School. This is where students are taught basic military skills, such as drill and ceremony, how to march, how to wear their uniform, and military customs and courtesies.

The second phase of Tech School, called the “Technical Training,” lasts the last 2.5 weeks of Tech School. This is where students are taught specific skills related to their job in security forces.

What is the average time in Tech School?

It depends on the track you are in.
For the traditional track, it is 65 days.
For the accelerated track, it is 50 days.
For the prior-service track, it is 35 days.

How many hours a day is Tech School?

Security Forces Tech School is an 8-week course that is broken up into two phases. Each phase is 4 weeks long. The first phase focuses on academics and the second phase focuses on hands-on training.

During the academic phase, students will spend approximately 40 hours a week in the classroom. This includes lectures, small group discussions, and lab time. Labs are usually 2-3 hours long and are completed 2-3 times a week.

During the hands-on training phase, students will spend approximately 20 hours a week in the classroom and 20 hours a week in the field. Field training will include both individual and group exercises.

What is the schedule like for Tech School?

Security Forces Tech School is eight weeks long. The first four weeks are spent in academic classroom instruction and the second half is spent in physical training and application of skills.

What is the graduation rate for Tech School?

Security Forces Tech School is a 12-week course that focuses on law enforcement, investigations, and security procedures. The graduation rate for Tech School is 97 percent.

What are the benefits of attending Tech School?

While the Air Force does offer many benefits for those attending its various tech schools, there are a few key benefits that stand out. First, airmen who attend tech school will receive specialized training in their chosen field. This training can be very valuable, and it can give airmen the chance to learn new skills and improve their career prospects. In addition, tech school can also be a great way to meet other airmen and make new friends. Finally, airmen who attend tech school will usually have the opportunity to earn college credits, which can help them advance their careers even further.

What are the requirements for attending Tech School?

To be eligible to attend Tech School, recruits must:
-Be a U.S. citizen
-Be between the ages of 17 and 39
-Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
-Have no more than three dependents
-Agree to enlist in the Air Force for a four-year term of enlistment
-Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test with a score of 36 or higher in the general category

How can I prepare for Tech School?

The Security Forces Technician Career Field comprises over 14,000 Airmen in more than 170 career specialties. The term “Security Forces” (SF) refers to the US Air Force’s law enforcement and security professionals. If you are thinking about becoming an SF, you will need to attend the Security Forces Technical School.

To prepare for Tech School, first make sure you meet the physical requirements. You will need to be able to pass a Physical Training Test (PTT), which includes a 1.5-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups. You should also be prepared for the written exam, which covers topics like the Air Force Mission, Customs and Courtesies, and Basic Laws of Arrest.

Once you have met the physical and written requirements, you will need to attend an SF training course. The length of the course depends on your specialty, but most courses range from four to six weeks. During the course, you will learn about basic law enforcement techniques, self-defense tactics, and firearms safety. You will also have the opportunity to practice these skills in a realistic training environment.

Upon completing Tech School, you will be assigned to an SF unit where you will put your skills to work protecting Air Force bases around the world.


Assuming you go in as soon as you can, Security Forces Tech School will last 16 weeks. You will spend the first 8 weeks at Lackland AFB and the remaining 8 weeks at Camp Bullis.

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