How Long is Air Force Tech School?

Considering Air Force tech school? Here’s what you need to know about the process, from taking the ASVAB to graduation day.

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air force tech school is a technical training program that teaches Air Force personnel the skills they need to perform their jobs. The length of tech school varies depending on the type of training and the level of experience of the student.

The average length of tech school is between six and eight weeks, although some programs may be shorter or longer. The length of time spent in tech school also depends on whether the student is attending full-time or part-time. Students who attend tech school part-time may take longer to complete their training.

How Long is Air Force Tech School?

Air Force Tech School is a long and difficult process that takes about two years to complete. The first year is spent in basic training, and the second year is spent in technical training. After completing air force tech school you will be a certified Air Force technician.

Basic Military Training (BMT)

All students attending technical training must first complete Basic Military Training (BMT). BMT is a 8.5-week program that transforms civilians into military members. It instills the core values of the Air Force, prepares Airmen for the mental and physical demands of service, and teaches basic combat skills.

Technical Training

All airmen in the united states Air Force complete technical training after basic military training. The length of this training depends on the career field or job specialty that the airman has chosen. Some technical training schools last as little as three weeks, while others can last up to six months. The majority of technical training schools last between four and eight weeks.


While the duration of Air Force tech school can vary depending on the specific program, most students can expect to spend between 32 and 52 weeks in training. The actual length of time will depend on a number of factors, including the topic of study, the level of experience of the student, and the type of program.

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