How Many Students Go to Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech is a highly ranked public university with a strong focus on science and technology. But how many students actually attend Georgia Tech?

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How many students go to Georgia Tech?

Every fall, about 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students come to Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus to study computing, business, design, and engineering. That’s a lot of students, but how do we compare to other colleges and universities?

The undergraduate population

As of Fall 2019, the undergraduate population at georgia tech was 21,018.

The graduate population

There are about 21,000 graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at georgia tech The majority of students are undergraduates, with about 13,000 students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs. The graduate population is around 8,000 students, with most of these students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs.

How has the student population changed over time?

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research university with an emphasis on science and technology.It is located in Atlanta, Georgia, in the united states The school was founded in 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology as part of Reconstruction plans to build an industrial economy in the post-Civil War Southern United States.

The undergraduate population

The undergraduate population at georgia tech has grown significantly in recent years. In fall 2016, there were more than 25,000 undergraduate students enrolled at the school, up from about 22,000 in fall 2013. The vast majority of these students are enrolled in full-time programs; in fall 2016, just over 2,000 students were enrolled part-time.

The graduate population

The graduate population has increased significantly over the past few years, with the most recent data showing that over 8,000 students are enrolled in graduate programs. This is a significant increase from the 6,000 students who were enrolled in graduate programs just a few years ago. The increase in the graduate population is likely due to the growing popularity of Georgia Tech as a destination for students seeking to further their education.

What is the student to faculty ratio?

The undergraduate population

The undergraduate population is about 21,000. The student-to-faculty ratio is about 17-to-1, and about 62 percent of our classes have fewer than 20 students. Undergraduates can choose from more than 50 majors and save money with Georgia Tech’s affordable tuition.

The graduate population

The graduate population at Georgia Tech is about 7,000 students. This number has been slowly increasing over the past few years. The undergraduate population is about 21,000 students. The student to faculty ratio at Georgia Tech is about 3 to 1.

What is the average class size?

Georgia Tech is a large university, with an average class size of 34 students.

The undergraduate population

In 2019, the undergraduate population was just under 21,000 students. Of those, about 19,000 were full-time and just over 2,000 were part-time. The average class size was 31 students.

The graduate population

As of Fall 2019, the graduate student body population at Georgia Tech is 11,242. Of that number, 5,842 are females and 5,400 are males. The average class size for graduate students is 26.5.

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