How Much Should You Tip Your Nail Tech?

Here are some general guidelines on how much you should tip your nail technician Of course, you can always tip more or less depending on the quality of service.

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A standard tip for a manicure is 15 to 20 percent of the total bill. For a pedicure, the standard tip is 20 to 25 percent of the total bill.

How Much to Tip for a Manicure or Pedicure

The standard tip for a manicure is 20%, which equates to $4 on a $20 bill. However, if you received an exceptional service, feel free to go above and beyond the standard 20%. For example, you may want to tip 25% or even 30% if your nail tech went out of their way to give you an amazing experience. Remember, the standard tip is simply a guideline – ultimately, you should tip what you feel is appropriate based on the quality of service you received.

When it comes to pedicures, the standard tip is also 20%. However, some people may choose to tip more for a pedicure than they would for a manicure since pedicures typically take longer and require more work. Again, it’s up to you to decide what you feel is appropriate based on the quality of service you received.

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines – ultimately, you should tip what you feel is appropriate based on the quality of service you received.

How Much to Tip for Nail Art

Nail art has become increasingly popular in recent years, with designs ranging from simple and delicate to elaborate and colorful. Many salons now offer nail art as an add-on service, and it can range in price from a few dollars to over $100 depending on the complexity of the design. So how much should you tip for nail art?

As a general rule, it is appropriate to tip 10-20% of the total bill for all salon services, including nail art. However, if you are unhappy with the results of your nail art, be sure to speak to your technician about it before you leave the salon. It is possible that they may offer to fix the problem at no additional charge.

How Much to Tip for Other Nail Services

Nail services are often overlooked when it comes to deciding how much to tip. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out the right amount:

Manicures: Most people tip 15-20% for a standard manicure. If you had a special service done, like Shellac or gel nails, you may want to tip a bit more, around 20-25%.

Pedicures: For a basic pedicure, a 15-20% tip is standard. If you add on additional services or upgrades, like a foot massage or exfoliating scrub, you may want to increase your tip to 20-25%.

Nail art: For simple nail art, like a french manicure or basic design, a 15-20% tip is appropriate. If your nail tech spent a lot of time on your nails or did something more complicated, like 3D art or hand-painted designs, you may want to tip 20-25%.

How to Tip If You’re Unhappy with Your Service

Unfortunately, not every nail appointment goes perfectly. Maybe your mani chips the next day or your tech wasn’t especially friendly. Whatever the case, you may be debating whether or not to leave a tip—and if so, how much.

Here’s the general rule of thumb: If you’re unhappy with your service, you should still tip 20 percent. “The standard in the industry is that even if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your service, your technician still provided a professional service,” says Ryan Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Glamsquad.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. “If a technician did something that damaged your nails or skin—like giving you too short of an acrylic set that caused your nails to break—then you don’t have to leave a tip,” says Poochie Woods, CEO of polish brand NCLA Beauty.

Another exception? If you feel like the tech was particularly rude or unprofessional, it’s OK to leave a smaller tip—or no tip at all. “In this case, I would suggest simply telling the salon owner what happened so they can take appropriate action,” says Woods.

When Not to Tip Your Nail Tech

In some cases, it’s actually considered inappropriate to tip your nail technician. For example, if you receive a complimentary service or if you receive a service at a charity event, it’s not expected that you leave a tip.

Additionally, if you’re unhappy with the service you received, it’s not necessary to leave a tip. If you have a problem with the service, it’s best to speak to the manager or owner of the salon so they can address the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

How Much to Tip in Other Countries

Tippingculture varies around the world, and it can be tricky to know how much to tip when you’re traveling. In some countries, tipping is simply not part of the culture, while in others, it is expected. Here are a few general guidelines to help you out when you’re in a foreign country and unsure of the protocol.

Africa: Tipping is not common in many African countries. If you do choose to tip, 5-10% is usually sufficient.

Asia: Tipping is also not common in most Asian countries, with the exception of Japan where it is appreciated but not required. In China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, tipping is considered rude and is often refused.

Australia: Tipping is not customary in Australia and most locals will refuse a tip if offered.

Europe: Tipping customs vary widely throughout Europe. In general, tips are not expected in Scandinavia or Eastern Europe, while they are more common in Western and Southern European countries. It’s always a good idea to check before you give a tip as some locals may find it offensive.

North America: In Canada and the united states tipping is expected for many services such as haircuts, manicures, taxi rides, etc. A standard gratuity of 15-20% is usually appropriate.

South America: Tipping is customary in many South American countries but the amount varies depending on the country and service performed. A rule of thumb is to 10-15% for restaurants and 5-10% for taxis.


As a general rule, you should tip your nail technician 20% of the total bill. If you received exceptional service you may want to tip more. If you were not satisfied with the service, you may want to tip less or not at all.

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