How Much is a Tech Deck?

If you are wondering how much a Tech Deck costs, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Tech Decks, including how much they cost.

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A Tech Deck is a miniaturized skateboard, mainly used for skateboarding tricks. They are often marketed as “collectible” toys. They cost between $5 and $15, depending on the brand and where you purchase them.

Types of Decks

Tech Deck is a brand of toy fingerboards featuring licensed graphics from real skateboard companies, distributed by Spin Master Ltd.
They were first introduced in 1996.

The term “Tech Deck” is often used generically to refer to all miniature skateboards, regardless of brand.

There are three main types of Tech Decks; the original miniaturized skateboards, the recently released Park set which allows for bigger tricks, and the upcoming Street set which will be released Fall of 2015.


There are a few big brands when it comes to Tech Decks. Some of these brands are World Industries, Blind, Girl, Baker, Grizzly Griptape, Zero, and Mob. Each of these brands has their own unique take on what a skateboard should be. They also each have different pro riders that they sponsor.

World Industries was one of the first companies to start making mini decks. They were also the first company to start sponsoring professional mini skaters. Their team included guys like Rodney Mullen and Rune Glifberg. Blind was started by Mark Gonzales after he left World Industries. Girl was started by Mike Carroll and Guy Mariano after they left World Industries. And so on and so forth.


Wheels make a big difference in the performance of your skateboard. They come in different sizes, hardnesses, and colors. The right wheels for you will depend on your skating style, terrain, and personal preference You can usually find a good variety of wheels at your local skate shop. The average price for a set of four wheels is around $30.

Types of Wheels

Different boards will require different size wheels. The most common wheel size for a beginner skateboard is 50-53mm. As you progress, you may want to try out different wheel sizes to find what fits your skating style best.

Wheels also come in different hardnesses, or durometers. Softer wheels are better for rough surfaces and street skating, while harder wheels are better for smoother surfaces like ramps and pools. Harder wheels will also go faster. Most beginners will want to start with an all-purpose wheel that is neither too hard nor too soft.

There are four main types of skateboard wheels: cruiser, speed, freestyle, and Vert/ramp. Cruiser and speed wheels are designed for smooth surfaces, while freestyle and Vert/ramp wheels are designed for rough surfaces.

Cruiser Wheels: Cruiser wheels are larger than standard skateboard wheels, usually between 54-60mm. They are softer than standard skateboard wheels, which makes them better for rough surfaces like concrete sidewalks. Cruiser wheels also have a wider width which makes them more stable at high speeds.

Speed Wheels: Speed wheels are smaller than cruiser wheels, usually between 50-53mm. They are harder than cruiser wheels, which makes them better for smooth surfaces like ramps and pools. Speed Skateboarding regained popularity in the early 2000s with the rise of street skating culture; these days there is a growing trend of speed skating on longboards as well! Try out a set of speed skating if you’re looking to go fast!

Freestyle Wheels: Freestyle skating became popular in the 1970s with the invention of skate parks;freestyle skating is now making a comeback with the rise of street skating culture. Freestyle skating is all about doing tricks on your skateboard, so you’ll need a good set of freestyle skateboarding if you want to do some serious shredding! Look for a smaller wheel (50-53mm) that is very hard (90a+) if you want to do some freestyle shredding! You might also want to consider getting some pusher bearings to make your ride even smoother.

Vert/Ramp Wheels: Vert or ramp skateboarding is all about going big! If you’re looking to do some serious air time, then you’ll need a good set of vert or ramp skateboarding! Look for a larger wheel (54-60mm) that is very hard (90a+) if you want to go big! You might also want to consider getting some pusher bearings to make your ride even smoother


There are many brands of Tech Decks, but the most popular ones are UD/Evil, Powell-Peralta, and Santa Cruz. There are also a few up-and-coming brands, such as Killed in Action (KIA) and Theeve Trucks. You can find Tech Decks at most skate shops, and they usually cost between $10 and $20.


Tech Decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common size is the 50mm. They also come in a variety of colors. Most Tech Decks have five trucks. The trucks are the part of the deck that allows the board to rotate.

Types of Trucks

Trucks are typically divided into two main categories: light-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks. Light-duty trucks include pickup trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). These trucks are designed for general transportation of goods and materials, and they typically have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or less. Heavy-duty trucks include commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers, garbage trucks, and concrete mixers. These trucks have a GVWR of more than 10,000 pounds.


There are a variety of brands that sell Tech Decks. Some of the most popular brands include Birdhouse, Zero, and Girl. Tech Decks range in price depending on the brand, but they are typically between $10 and $20.


from $1.99 – $24.99 USD depending on the brand, set, and where you purchase it. You can find a variety of Tech Decks at your local skate shop, toy stores, and online retailers.


The average price for a Tech Deck is around $10, although you can find them for as little as $4 and as much as $15. The price depends on the brand, the materials, and the complexity of the design. For example, a simple deck from a less well-known brand might cost $4, while a more intricate deck from a more popular brand could cost $15.


The average price of a Tech Deck wheel is about $0.50. However, depending on the brand and where you purchase them, the price can range from $0.10 to $2.00.


The average price for a single truck ranges from about $5 to $8. A pack of trucks, which is generally sold in sets of two, can cost anywhere from $10 to $35. The price of a truck depends on the brand, the materials used, the size and weight, and any special features.

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