How to Watch Texas Tech Football Today

Wondering how to watch the texas tech football game today? Here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action.

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Texas Tech football is one of the most popular sports teams in the state of Texas. Today, we’ll show you how to watch their games online so that you don’t miss a single play.

What You’ll Need

To watch texas tech football today, you’ll need a satellite or cable TV subscription that includes the ESPN family of networks. If you don’t have a TV, you can still watch the game by signing up for a live stream service such as Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, or AT&T Now.

Once you have a way to watch ESPN, tune in to the network at 11 a.m. Eastern time to catch the pregame show. The game itself will start at noon Eastern time.

If you can’t watch the game on TV or don’t have a live stream subscription, you can still listen to it on the radio. The game will be broadcast on the texas tech sports network which you can find on most FM radio stations in West Texas.

How to Watch

If you want to watch the game today, there are a few different ways that you can do so.

One way is to go to the website of the channel that is broadcasting the game and see if they have a live stream that you can watch. Most times, if a channel is broadcasting the game, they will also have a live stream on their website that you can watch for free.

Another way to watch the game is through one of the many streaming services that are available. These streaming services allow you to watch TV channels live through their website or app. Many of these streaming services offer free trials, so if you haven’t used one before, you can sign up for a trial and cancel it before you are charged.

One last way to watch the game is on your phone. If you have a phone with a data plan, you can download the app for the channel that is broadcasting the game and watch it that way. Just be sure to check your data usage before you start streaming, as some apps use more data than others.


texas tech offers a great football experience for fans of all ages. Today, you can watch the Red Raiders take on the Baylor Bears at McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas. The game will be televised on ESPN2, and you can also stream it live online through the WatchESPN app. Be sure to catch all the action and support your team today!

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