What Are the Georgia Tech Colors?

The colors of the georgia tech flag are Old Gold and White. The school’s official colors are Blue and Gold.

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The Official Colors

The colors of georgia tech are gold and white. These colors were chosen by a committee in 1885. The colors were chosen because they were colors that would look good together and also because they were not the colors of any other school.


White is one of the official colors of georgia tech athletics. It is used in conjunction with gold, black, and sometimes blue.


The gold in Georgia Tech’s colors was originally orange until 1896. Orange and white were chosen as the school colors in 1894 when a committee was appointed to choose the colors for the new school. The first official colors, white and old gold, were adopted at the Alabama-Auburn game in Atlanta in November, 1894.

The Unofficial Colors

There are two sets of colors that are used to represent Georgia Tech. The first and most popular set is known as the “PANTONE” colors. PANTONE colors are used on all official school materials, such as letterhead and business cards. The second set of colors, known as the “CMYK” colors, is used primarily for athletic and merchandise purposes.


Black is not an official color of Georgia Tech.


Although silver is not one of the school colors, it is frequently used in Georgia Tech logos and branding. It is sometimes paired with gold, as in the school’s official seal.

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