What Are the School Colors for Georgia Tech?

The school colors for georgia tech are blue and gold.

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The Colors

The school colors for georgia tech are white and gold.


Georgia Tech’s school colors are blue and white. The school’s official color is blue, which is represented by Pantone 286.


Georgia Tech’s school colors are gold and white. The origin of the school colors is unknown, but they were first officially adopted in 1894.

The History of the Colors

The school colors for georgia tech are gold and white. The school colors were decided in 1887 by a student vote. The school colors were first used on the football team’s uniforms in 1892. The school colors are also used on the school’s official seal.

When they were chosen

The colors were chosen in 1885 by a committee of students. The colors, old gold and white, symbolize the tradition and spirit of the Georgia Tech community.

Why they were chosen

The colors for Georgia Tech were chosen in 1892 by a committee of students. The colors, old gold and white, symbolize the richness and strength of the Institute. Georgia Tech’s alma mater, “Up With the White and Gold,” mentions the school colors.

The meaning of school colors can be found in their history. For Georgia Tech, the story begins in 1885 with a football game. That year, the team played Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. The game was competitive, and neither team had an advantage. As the game was about to end in a tie, one of the Tech players said, “We’ve got them old gold and black slaves beat.” With that comment, he taunted the Mercer team about their school’s past as a plantation.

How the Colors are Used

GT’s colors of Old Gold and White were selected by a student vote in 1896. In the 1950s, student athletes were the first to begin wearing the school colors while competing. The colors are also seen flying high on flags around campus and at alumni events.

At Athletic Events

The colors of gold and white are used on all athletic team uniforms. Gold indicates the strength and spirit of Georgia Tech, while white represents purity and nobility in achievement.

On Campus

While most people think of schools as having just two colors, Georgia Tech’s campus is full of a wide array of colors. The official school colors are old gold and white, but you’ll see plenty of blue, green, and even pink around campus.

The most common color on campus is blue, which is used for things like the Georgia Tech seal and the Official Athletic Site logo. The school’s primary typeface, Palatino, is also blue. Other popular colors include green (seen in the foliage and grass around campus) and gold (seen in the brickwork of many buildings).

Pink is also a common color around campus. It’s used in the school’s Pickeringotypical English bulldog mascot, as well as in the official school Tartan plaid.

In the Community

School colors are one way that students and alumni show their school spirit. For example, Georgia Tech’s school colors are yellow and gold. You might see students wearing these colors to support their team at a sporting event or alumni wearing them to show their pride in their alma mater.

The Significance of the Colors

The school colors for Georgia Tech are gold and white. These colors were chosen because they represent the state of Georgia and the school’s mascot, the Yellow Jacket. The school colors are used on everything from the school’s website to the uniforms of the sports teams.

What they mean to students

The colors of georgia tech play an important role in school tradition. They are a source of school pride and are often seen on merchandise and clothing worn by students, faculty, and alumni. The colors are also used in school decorations and architecture. The gold color is said to represent the resources of the state of Georgia, while the white color represents purity and sincerity.

What they mean to alumni

For Georgia Tech alumni, the school colors of yellow and blue represent more than just the colors of the institute. They represent pride, tradition, and a sense of community that can be felt by all who have been a part of Georgia Tech.

The Yellow Jackets are a source of pride for alumni, and the colors play a big role in that. The blue represents the sky and is meant to symbolize intelligence and opportunity. The yellow represents Georgia Tech’s gold mines and is meant to show the institute’s strength and perseverance.

Together, these colors represent the perfect balance of strength and intelligence, which is what Georgia Tech is all about. It’s no wonder that these colors are so significant to those who have been a part of the institute.

How to Show Your Support for the Colors

Wearing Georgia Tech’s school colors is a great way to show your support for the school. The colors are white and gold. You can find clothing in these colors at the Georgia Tech bookstore or online. You can also find Georgia Tech-branded merchandise in these colors.

Wearing Georgia Tech Apparel

There are many ways to show your support for the georgia tech yellow jackets but one of the most popular is to wear Georgia Tech apparel. Yellow Jacket fans can find all kinds of clothes to wear, from t-shirts and hats to jerseys and sweatshirts. You can find Georgia Tech gear at most sports stores and many online retailers.

When choosing what to wear, consider the occasion. For example, you might want to wear a t-shirt or hat to a game, but a jersey or sweatshirt if you’re just hanging out with friends. You can also show your support by wearing Georgia Tech gear to work or school.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure you’re proud to be a part of the Georgia Tech community!

Decorating Your Home or Office

One way to show your support for the Georgia Tech community is to display the school colors of old gold and white. You can find many items already decorated with these colors, or you can buy items and decorate them yourself.

If you choose to decorate items yourself, you can find old gold and white craft paints at most stores that sell hobby supplies. You can also buy craft supplies, such as ribbon, glue, and glitter, in these colors. Decorate a picture frame, vase, or any other item to show your school spirit!

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