What Do Surgical Techs Do?

Surgical techs are an important part of the medical field. They work alongside surgeons to ensure that operations go smoothly. But what exactly do surgical techs do?

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Job Description

Surgical techs are an important part of the surgical team. They are responsible for setting up the operating room, sterilizing equipment, and ensuring that the patient is ready for surgery. They also assist the surgeon during the procedure.

What do surgical techs do?

A surgical technologist is an allied health professional who works under the supervision of a licensed surgeon or a Registered Nurse first assistant. Surgical technologists prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment, and help doctors during surgery.

Surgical technologists are sometimes referred to as scrub techs, operating room techs, or OR techs. They work in medical facilities such as hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and doctor’s offices.

The duties of a surgical technologist vary depending on the type of surgery being performed and the needs of the patient. However, there are some common duties that all surgical techs perform. These include:

-Preparing the operating room for surgery
-Sterilizing instruments and equipment
-Agreeing on signals with the surgeon for passing instruments during surgery
-Maintaining a sterile environment during surgery
-Counting sponges, needles, and instruments used during surgery
-Applying dressings to incisions after surgery

What are the responsibilities of surgical techs?

Mostly, surgical techs are responsible for prepping the operating room before procedures. This involves setting up any needed equipment and making sure that it functions properly. Once the patient is brought into the room, the surgical tech may help transfer them onto the operating table and position them for surgery. They will also hand instruments and other medical supplies to the surgeon during the procedure as needed. After the surgery is complete, they may help clean up the operating room and transport the patient to the recovery area. Some surgical techs may also be responsible for sterilizing equipment.

What are the working conditions of surgical techs?

Surgical techs work in a clean and well-lit operating room. They must stand for long periods of time and be able to withstand the intense concentration required for surgery. Surgical techs are exposed to infectious diseases and may be exposed to hazardous drugs and chemicals.

Education and Training

surgical tech programs typically last about nine months, but some might last up to two years. Many of these programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (). To be eligible to take the certification exam, you must first graduate from an accredited surgical technologist program.

What education is required to be a surgical tech?

While there are some on-the-job training programs available most surgical techs have completed a formal education program. There are many community colleges, technical schools and hospitals that offer accredited programs that typically last between nine and 15 months. These programs usually award a certificate or diploma, but some may offer an associate degree.

Accredited surgical tech programs include both classroom and clinical instruction. Classroom instruction covers topics such as medical ethics, sterile processing, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology. Clinical instruction gives students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in an operating room setting. Upon completion of an accredited program, surgical techs must pass a standardized national exam in order to become certified.

What training is required to be a surgical tech?

While there are no formal education requirements to become a surgical technologist, most employers prefer to hire individuals who have completed an accredited surgical technology program. These programs, which typically last about nine months to two years, are offered by community colleges, technical schools and some four-year colleges. Although not required, certification may also be beneficial in helping surgical technologists find employment and advance in their careers. The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting offers the Certified Surgical Technologist credential, which requires passing an exam.


Surgical techs are an important part of the surgical team. They are responsible for sterilizing equipment, preparing the operating room, and helping the surgeon during the surgery. certification is not required in all states, but most employers prefer to hire certified surgical techs.

What is certification for surgical techs?

Surgical techs are not required to be certified, but many choose to become certified in order to advance their careers. Certification is available through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) and requires passing a written exam. certified surgical techs must recertify every four years by completing continuing education credits or retesting.

How do you become certified as a surgical tech?

There are several ways to become a certified surgical technologist. Most techs enter the field with a certificate or diploma from an accredited surgical technology program, although an associate’s degree is also acceptable. Some techs choose to become certified through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, which offers the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) credential. To be eligible for certification, candidates must have graduated from an accredited surgical technology program and must pass a written exam. Candidates who have not graduated from an accredited program may be eligible for certification if they have completed at least five years of full-time work as a surgical technologist, including at least two years within the past five years.


Most surgical techs make a median salary of $47,300 per year, which means that half of techs earn more than this and half earn less. The top 10 percent of techs earn more than $67,000 annually, while the bottom 10 percent earn $33,000 or less. Your specific salary will depend on a number of factors including your experience, location, and the type of employer you work for.

What is the average salary of surgical techs?

The average salary for surgical techs is $45,000 per year.However, salaries can vary greatly depending on experience, geographic location, and other factors.

What are the salary ranges for surgical techs?

Surgical techs are in high demand and earn a median salary of $47,300 per year. The top 10% of earners make more than $68,000 annually, and the lowest 10% earn less than $33,000. Salaries vary by employer, experience, location, and type of position.

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