How to Get Into Virginia Tech: GPA Requirements and More

Want to know how to get into Virginia Tech? This blog post covers the GPA requirements and more to help you get started.

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Are you interested in attending Virginia Tech? In this article, we’ll cover the admissions requirements for virginia tech including SAT/ACT scores and GPA. We’ll also go over Virginia Tech’s admissions timeline and mysterious “holistic review” process.

GPA Requirements

The GPA requirements for virginia tech are 3.0 for in-state students and 3.4 for out-of-state students. If your GPA is below the requirements, you may still be able to get in if you have strong SAT or ACT scores. If you’re not sure what your GPA is, you can calculate it using your transcript and a GPA calculator.

A Look at the Average GPA

In order to get into virginia tech you’ll need to have a strong academic record. The average GPA for admitted students is 3.85, but the range is from 3.5 to 4.0. The average sat score is 1330, and the average ACT score is 30. If your grades and test scores are within or above these ranges, you have a good chance of being admitted to Virginia Tech.

The Minimum GPA You Need

To be eligible to apply to Virginia Tech, you’ll need a minimum GPA of 3.0. That said, our average freshman GPA is a 3.75, and most of our students have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. So if your GPA is on the lower end of the scale, you’ll want to make sure your application *really* stands out in other areas.

Other Factors

Your GPA is not the only factor that colleges look at when making admissions decisions. Many colleges, including Virginia Tech, consider a variety of other factors when making their decisions. Some of these factors include your test scores, your extracurricular activities, and your essays. Let’s take a look at each of these factors in more detail.

Standardized Test Scores

In order to be eligible for admission to Virginia Tech, you will need to submit your SAT or ACT score. The average score for incoming freshmen is 1120 on the SAT and 26 on the ACT. You can increase your chances of getting into Virginia Tech by scoring within or above these ranges.

The Importance of Class Rank

In recent years, Virginia Tech has become increasingly competitive, and as a result, the role of class rank has grown in importance. Class rank is a measure of your academic achievement in comparison to your peers, and it is one of the factors that the Virginia Tech admissions committee takes into consideration when making decisions about who to admit.

While your GPA is still the most important factor in your application, having a high class rank can give you a boost and make you more likely to be admitted. If you’re aiming for admission to Virginia Tech, aim to finish in the top half of your class.

Letters of Recommendation

In order to have a successful application, you will need at least two strong letters of recommendation. These should come from teachers, coaches, or employers who can speak to your academic or professional abilities. Keep in mind that you should only ask people who know you well and who will write positive letters.

The Application Process

For most students, the application process will involve submitting an online application and then waiting to hear back from the school.

The GPA requirements for admission vary depending on which program you are applying to, but the average GPA for all programs is 3.0.

In addition to a completed application and a satisfactory GPA, you will also need to submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay.


In order to sum up, in order to get into Virginia Tech, you will need a strong GPA, preferably above a 3.5. You should also focus on your standardized tests, and aim for a score of at least 1500 on the SAT or 33 on the ACT. Beyond your academics, make sure you are involved in extracurricular activities and have strong letters of recommendation. If you can demonstrate all of these qualities, you will be well on your way to getting into Virginia Tech!

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