What Happened at Virginia Tech Today?

There was a lot of activity on Virginia Tech’s campus today. Here’s a rundown of what happened.

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Today, virginia tech was the site of a tragic shootings. At this time, the motive for the shootings is unknown, and the investigation is ongoing. However, we do know that the shooter was a student at virginia tech and that he opened fire in two separate locations on campus. As of this writing, the death toll stands at 32, making this the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time.

The Shooting

This morning, at around 7:15 AM, a shooter opened fire at virginia tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. The shooter, who has been identified as a twenty-two year old student, is currently at large. As of right now, there are seven confirmed victims, five of which are dead. This is a developing story and more information will be released as it becomes available.

The Victims

As of right now, the death toll stands at 32, with 17 victims being treated at area hospitals. The identities of the victims have not been released, but we do know that they were all students at Virginia Tech. This is a developing story, and we will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

The Shooter

The shooter, believed to be a male Virginia Tech student, has not yet been identified. Witnesses say he was wearing a dark blue shirt and grey pants. He is believed to be in his early 20s.


As the nation grapples with the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, we continue to learn more about the events that transpired today at Virginia Tech. According to the latest reports, a 23-year-old student named Cho Seung-Hui was responsible for the massacre.

The Investigation

The Virginia Tech Police Department and the Blacksburg Police Department are currently investigating the shootings. The FBI is also on the scene and assisting in the investigation.

The Community Response

In the wake of the shootings at Virginia Tech, the community has come together to support one another. Students have held candlelight vigils, set up memorials, and reached out to one another for comfort and support. The university has also offered counseling services for students, faculty, and staff.

The community response has been overwhelming, with people from all over the country sending their condolences and support. Messages of support have been posted on message boards and sent to Virginia Tech via email and social media Flowers have been left at memorials, and donations have been made to victims’ families.

In the days following the tragedy, the Virginia Tech community has shown strength and resilience. The university will continue to provide support for those who need it, and the community will continue to come together to heal.


In conclusion, today has been a tragic day at Virginia Tech. We are all in shock and grieving for the lives lost. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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