What Happens After Tech School in the Air Force?

So you’ve completed tech school and are now an Airman First Class. What’s next? Here’s a look at what you can expect after tech school in the Air Force.

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Pursuing a technical education in the Air Force can lead to many opportunities after graduation. You may choose to pursue a career in the Air Force, civilian government, or the private sector. You may also decide to continue your education and obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Basic Training

After successfully completing Air Force basic training, you’ll attend technical training specific to your career field. length of this training depends on the skills required for your chosen career. You may remain at the same location for tech school, or you may be transferred to a different base.

Technical Training

Technical Training is a specific type of training that teaches you the skills you need to perform your job in the Air Force. It can range from a few weeks to over a year, depending on your job. Once you complete Technical Training, you will be assigned to a permanent duty station, where you will put your new skills to use.

Specialty Training

After you complete your basic training, you will be assigned to a specific technical school based on the needs of the Air Force and your aptitude. You will attend classes full time for approximately six to eight weeks. If you are attending a school off base, you will likely live in the dorms.

Once you have completed your technical training, you will be assigned to a permanent duty station where you will work in your field. You may be required to complete additional on-the-job training or attend refresher courses periodically throughout your career.


After you finish tech school, you’ll be assigned to a permanent duty station where you’ll put your education and training to work in the Air Force. You may be assigned to a unit that uses the same equipment you trained on, or you may learn to maintain different equipment. You could be assigned to a unit that supports aircraft flying missions, or you could work in a location that performs maintenance on the ground. You may even have the opportunity to teach new Airmen what you’ve learned.

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