What is a Medical Tech?

A medical technologist is a professional who performs diagnostic tests on patients. The medical technologist is a vital member of the healthcare team.

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Job Description

A medical technologist is a professional who uses their scientific knowledge to perform lab tests that help diagnose and treat disease. They use a variety of equipment and instruments to perform their tests, and they must have a strong understanding of both the science behind the tests and the proper way to operate the equipment.


A medical technologist (MT) is a healthcare professional who performs chemical, microscopic and bacteriological tests on blood, urine, other body fluids and tissues. These tests are used to detect abnormalities or diseases. medical technologists work in hospitals, clinics and private laboratories.

Medical technologists use a variety of instruments and methods to perform their tests. They may use automated equipment or manual methods. Automated equipment includes machines that perform multiple tests at the same time. These machines can be programmed to run different types of tests on different body fluids or tissues.

Medical technologists must be able to effectively use all of the instruments and equipment in their laboratory. They must also be able to maintain and calibrate the equipment. In some cases, medical technologists may be responsible for repairing the equipment.

Medical technologists also perform quality control checks on their work. They may use precision instruments to measure the accuracy of their results. Medical technologists must ensure that their results meet all quality standards.

Medical technologists typically work in hospitals, clinics or private laboratories. They may work in blood banks, public health laboratories or research laboratories. In some cases, medical technologists may provide consultation services to other healthcare professionals.


In order to be a medical technologist, you will need to have excellent communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills. You must be able to work well under pressure, as you will often be working with time-sensitive material. As a medical technologist, you will also need to be detail-oriented and have the ability to maintain accuracy and precision in your work.

Education and Training

A medical technologist is a medical professional who performs various laboratory tests to help diagnose and treat patients. The schooling to become a medical technologist is a four-year college degree, and professional certification is required in order to practice. Many medical technologists work in hospitals, but they can also be found in private laboratories, blood banks, and public health facilities.


Medical technicians may choose to become certified in order to show potential employers that they have the necessary skills and knowledge for the job. Certification is not required in all states, but it may give job seekers an edge when applying for jobs. The American Medical Technologists (AMT) offers the Registered Medical Technician (RMT) certification, which requires candidates to have completed an accredited educational program and pass a written exam.

Associate’s Degree

An Associate’s Degree in Medical Technology will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to enter the field of medical technology. The coursework for this degree program will include general education requirements, as well as specific coursework in medical technology. Upon completion of this degree program, you should be able to sit for the national certification examination administered by the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

Some medical technology programs may be accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Programs that are accredited by this agency have met certain standards and have been evaluated by an external body to ensure that they provide quality education to their students. Graduates of these programs may be eligible for higher-level positions and may find it easier to obtain employment than those who have not attended an accredited program.

Bachelor’s Degree

Medical technologists typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a related field. Programs usually last 4 years and include coursework in chemistry, biology, mathematics, and statistics.

Coursework in medical technology generally includes classes in chemistry, immunology, microbiology, hematology, and blood banking. Programs also include clinical rotations in various areas of the laboratory, such as blood banks, microbiology, chemistry, or hematology.

Salary and job outlook

Research shows that the medical technology industry is growing at a rapid pace. This means that there are many opportunities for those who are looking to enter the workforce. The average salary for a medical technologist is $66,000 per year. The job outlook for medical technologists is positive, with an expected growth of 7% in the next 10 years.


Medical technologists make a median annual salary of $64,530, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10 percent of earners in this field make more than $86,950 annually, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than $49,140 a year. The largest employers of medical technologists are hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic centers.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for medical technologists is favorable. Employment of medical technologists is projected to grow 16 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The increasing number of middle-aged and elderly people will require more medical tests, which should lead to greater demand for medical technologists. In addition, as new and more complex tests are developed, there will be greater need for workers trained in the latest technology.

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