What Time Does Georgia and Georgia Tech Play?

It’s almost time for the big game! Make sure you know when to tune in by checking out our guide to the kickoff time for the Georgia vs. georgia tech game

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The Game

The time has finally come. The long-awaited game between Georgia and georgia tech is about to begin. This is a game that has been anticipated by fans for months, and it is sure to be a good one. The last time these two teams met, Georgia came out on top, but georgia tech is looking for revenge.

What time does the game start?

The game is set to start at 7:30 p.m. EST on Saturday, November 25th.

What channel is the game on?

The game will be televised on ESPN.

The Teams

The Georgia Bulldogs team represents the University of Georgia in the sport of American football. The Bulldogs compete in the national collegiate athletic association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Who is playing?

Georgia is playing Georgia Tech

What are the records of the teams?

The records of the teams are:

Georgia: 4-4 (2-4 SEC)
georgia tech 3-6 (1-6 ACC)

The Location

The Georgia and Georgia tech game will be played in Athens, Georgia at Sanford Stadium. The game is set to start at 3:30 pm EST and will be televised on ESPN.

Where is the game being played?

Both teams are located in Atlanta, GA, so the game is being played there. The Georgia Dome is the location of the game.

What is the weather forecast for the game?

The location of the game is in Atlanta, Georgia and the weather forecast is for it to be partly cloudy with a high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

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