When Does Georgia Tech Release Admission Decisions?

We know that everyone is anxiously awaiting their admission decisions from georgia tech So when do they come out? Read on to find out!

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Admission decisions for first-year applicants are released on a rolling basis beginning in mid-March. Notification deadlines are as follows:

-Regular Decision: March 1
-Early Action: December 15

Admission decisions for transfer applicants are released on a rolling basis beginning in late March.

Early Action

Georgia Tech’s Early Action program is non-binding, meaning that students are not required to commit to attending georgia tech if they are admitted. However, students who are admitted under Early Action will have priority access to on-campus housing and will be able to take advantage of the Early registration schedule.

Georgia Tech will release admission decisions for Early Action applicants on a rolling basis starting in mid-December. Notification letters will be sent via email, and students will also be able to check their application status online.

Regular Decision

Georgia Tech’s regular decision deadline is December 15. The university aims to notify students of their admission status by mid-March. If you applied by regular decision and your application is complete, you can expect to receive an admissions decision no later than March 31.


The vast majority of admissible applicants will receive their decisions by the end of March. Notification will come via email, and students will be able to check their portal for a decision letter. georgia tech enrolls on a rolling basis, so admissions decisions will continue to be released into the summer for students who applied later in the process.

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