When is Wake Tech Spring Break?

Wondering when Wake Tech’s spring break is? We have the answer!

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Wake Tech Community College follows the Wake County Public School System calendar for holidays and breaks.

This means that our Spring Break will be from Saturday, March 3 – Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Spring Break Dates

Wake Tech will observe the following holidays during the Spring 2021 semester:

Spring Break: Saturday, March 13 – Sunday, March 21

Classes will resume on Monday, March 22.

Travel Deals

Wake Tech Community College students, staff, and faculty get a well-deserved break each year during the college’s academic calendar. Although the college is closed on specific days during this time, many students choose to take advantage of travel deals and head out of town.

The best time to look for travel deals is typically during the weeks leading up to Spring Break. Many airlines, hotels, and tour companies offer special rates and deals to students during this time. If you’re planning on traveling during Wake Tech’s Spring Break, be sure to start looking for deals early!

Activities to do During Spring Break

Wake Tech’s spring break is March 11-15, 2019. While students will enjoy a well-deserved break from classes, there are plenty of activities planned for them to enjoy. Here are a few things Wake Tech students can do during their spring break:

1. Take a trip to the beach – with weather in the mid-60s and plenty of sunshine, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some time in the sand and surf.
2. Visit a state park – North Carolina is home to 37 state parks, all of which offer unique activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and more.
3. Check out a museum – whether it’s art, history, or science, there’s sure to be a museum that piques your interest.
4. See a movie – take advantage of discounted movie tickets and catch up on the latest blockbusters.
5. Go shopping – take advantage of sales at your favorite stores or explore Raleigh’s unique boutiques and shops.

Whatever you choose to do during your spring break, make sure you take some time to relax and recharge before heading back to classes!


Wake Tech’s spring break is March 11-15, 2019.

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