Which Two Characteristics Describe Ethernet Technology?

Similarly, Which 2 characteristics describe Ethernet technology choose two?

It employs the CSMA/CD technique of access control. It is based on a ring topology.

Also, it is asked, What features describe Ethernet technology?

The following functionalities are supported by Ethernet interfaces: IP packet routing is a service that allows you to send and receive data over the internet. The categorization of quality of service (QoS). Ethernet has a high data rate. Configurations for virtual LANs (VLANs). Configurations of stacked virtual LANs (S-VLANs). Configurations for IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation. Configurations that make use of upper-layer protocols

Secondly, Which two fields or features does Ethernet?

auto-MDIX.CEF.Frame Check Sequence is an auto-MDIX.CEF.Frame Check Sequence. size of the minimal frame MAC address of the source

Also, Which two devices are commonly powered by PoE choose two?

Explanation: A PoE-enabled switch can power compact switches, APs, and IP phones. Routers and modular switches use a lot of power and can’t be powered by an Ethernet wire.

People also ask, What are the characteristics of Fast Ethernet?

Fast Ethernet has a speed of 100 Mbps. 1 Gbps is the speed of Gigabit Ethernet. Fast Ethernet is easy to set up. Fast Ethernet, on the other hand, causes additional latency. Fast Ethernet has a coverage range of up to 10 kilometers. Fast Ethernet has a round-trip latency of 100 to 500 bit times.

Related Questions and Answers

The source and destination physical addresses are included in the Ethernet frame. The Frame Check Sequence field in the trailer contains a CRC value, which allows the receiving device to verify whether the frame has been modified (had faults) during transmission.

Which statement describes a characteristic of the frame?

Which of the following statements defines a feature of the data link layer’s frame header fields? The flow control and logical connection fields are present in all of them. Layer 3 source and destination addresses are stored in the Ethernet frame header fields. Depending on the procedure, they differ.

What are the two sizes of an Ethernet frame?

The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard specifies a minimum frame size of 64 bytes and a maximum frame size of 1518 bytes (since expanded to 1522 bytes). The preamble is 7 bytes long, followed by a single byte that serves as a start frame delimiter.

Can Ethernet provide power?

You don’t need to switch to a separate cable to connect PoE devices since standard Ethernet connections can provide both data and power. You will, however, need to ‘inject’ or get electricity into your network. This may be accomplished using a PoE hub or switch, as well as a tiny injector device.

Which two devices commonly affect wireless networks?

Wireless Interference Common Sources Ovens that can be used in the microwave. Phones with no cords. Bluetooth-enabled gadgets Wireless video cameras are available. Microwave connections outside. Peripherals that are wireless. Cellphones, PDAs. Zigbee (Wireless Personal Area Network) is a wireless personal area network technology.

Are all Ethernet cables PoE?

As the technology has grown in popularity, a large number of devices now supply and consume power and data over the same wire. Is PoE supported by all Ethernet cables? They don’t, in fact.

What is Fast Ethernet technology?

Fast Ethernet is a variation of the Ethernet standard that allows data to be sent at speeds of up to 100 megabits per second via local area networks (LAN). It was first introduced in 1995 and was the fastest network connection available at the time.

What is Ethernet and its types?

Ethernet is a communication technology that is mostly used to establish local area networks. It uses wires to send and receive data. This allows network communication between two or more kinds of network cables, such as copper to fiber optic and back.

What are the advantages of Ethernet?

A wired connection is quicker, more dependable, and more secure than a wireless connection. Ethernet has a stable speed, but WiFi is susceptible to signal interference and hence has a variable speed.

Which of the following is the fastest Ethernet technology?

GigE, also known as “gigabit-Ethernet-over-Copper” or 1000Base-T, is a 10 times faster form of Ethernet than 100Base-T. The IEEE 802.3 standard defines it, and it is presently utilized as a corporate backbone.

Why is it called Ethernet?

Metcalfe modified the name to “Ethernet” in 1973. He did this to emphasize that the system he’d built would work with any computer, not just Alto’s. He named the system after the term “ether,” which he used to describe an important component of the system: the physical channel that carries information to stations.

What is Ethernet example?

The cable system that links a small company office’s computer network is an example of Ethernet. The standard network technology that uses cables to link computers to one another and to the Internet. The Ethernet access method is the worldwide standard, defined by the IEEE as the 802.3 standard.

During data transmission, it keeps the route between the source and destination devices open. It controls frame access to the network media. It ensures consistent delivery by establishing links and controlling flow.

What three items are contained in an Ethernet frame?

The flow control and logical connection fields are present in all of them. Layer 3 source and destination addresses are stored in the Ethernet frame header fields. Depending on the procedure, they differ. They include information about user applications.

The data connection layer is in charge of sending and receiving frames between nodes on a physical network medium. The data link layer, in particular, performs two basic functions: Layer 3 packets are accepted and encapsulated into frames. It allows for media access control and error detection.

Which two factors influence the method that is used for media access control choose two?

Which two elements have an impact on the media access control method? The topology (how the connection between the nodes looks to the data link layer) and how the nodes share the media determine the media access control mechanism employed.

What is a characteristic of a contention based access method?

2 What distinguishes a contention-based access method? It has a higher processing overhead than the restricted access options. It has measures in place to monitor the number of times a user accesses the material. It’s a procedure that isn’t deterministic.

What is the characteristics of the LLC sublayer?

It gives the necessary logical addressing for identifying the device. It allows data to be delimited according to the medium’s physical signaling needs.

What is Ethernet frame in networking?

An Ethernet frame is a data link layer protocol data unit in computer networking that employs the underlying Ethernet physical layer transport methods. In other terms, an Ethernet frame is the payload of a data unit on an Ethernet connection.

What statement describes a characteristic of MAC addresses?

Which of the following statements defines a feature of MAC addresses? They must be one-of-a-kind on a worldwide scale.

What pairs are used for Ethernet?

Straight-through RJ45 data cables are used to connect PCs to an Ethernet switch. As previously stated, the RJ45 cable only has two wire pairs: Orange (pins 1 & 2) and Green (pins 3 & 4). (pins 3 & 6)


The “what statement describes a characteristic of mac addresses?” is a question that asks what two characteristics describe Ethernet technology. The answer is that mac addresses are unique and can be used to identify devices on the network.

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Ethernet technology is a type of computer networking technology that uses the Ethernet physical and data link layer standards. Characteristics of Ethernet include an end-to-end system, transmission media access control (MAC) address filtering, error detection, and correction, flow control, network topology management, and collision detection. Reference: what happens to runt frames received by a cisco ethernet switch?.

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