Who Killed the Tech Exec?

A tech exec is found dead in his home and the police are baffled. Follow along as our team of detectives try to piece together who killed the tech exec.

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The Crime

The case of the death of the tech exec has been baffling detectives for months. The only thing they know for sure is that the exec was killed in his office sometime between 9pm and 11pm. There are no witnesses, no signs of forced entry, and no CCTV footage. The detectives have been stumped.

The victim

The victim in this case was a tech exec who was killed in his home. The exact circumstances of his death are still unknown, but it is believed that he was killed by someone he knew.

The suspects

Police have not released many details about the investigation, but they have identified three suspects in the case:

1. James Dooley – The victim’s business partner and the last person to see him alive. Dooley has a history of financial troubles and was reportedly in debt to the victim.

2. Mary Smith – The victim’s ex-wife. She has been estranged from her ex-husband for several years and was reportedly angry about his recent success.

3. John Doe – A mystery man who was seen arguing with the victim shortly before his death. Doe has not been identified and little is known about him.

The Investigation

The evidence

The victim, a tech executive in her early 40s, was found dead in her office. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head. There was no sign of struggle and no weapon was found at the scene. The only evidence was a single strand of brown hair.

The hair was sent to the lab for analysis and it was determined that it belonged to the victim. There were no other clues and the case went cold.

Three years later, a new piece of evidence surfaced. A strand of brown hair was found at the scene of a different crime, a murder that had been committed in similar fashion. Again, the hair belonged to the victim.

Now that there are two pieces of evidence, the detectives have something to work with. They know that the killer has brown hair and they can begin to build a profile of the suspect.

The alibi

The Silicon Valley exec who was found dead in his home had a solid alibi, according to his wife.

The deceased, who has not been named, was discovered by his wife when she returned home from work on Thursday evening.

She told police that her husband had been working from home that day and she had seen him alive and well at lunchtime.

However, when she returned home at around 6pm, she found him dead in their bedroom.

A causes of death has not been determined and it is not clear if foul play is suspected.

The Trial

The executive was found face down in his pool, with a single gunshot wound to the head. The prosecutor believes that the defendant, his wife, is the killer. The defendant’s lawyer believes that the death was a suicide. Who is telling the truth?

The verdict

After hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of guilty on all counts.

The sentence

The sentence for the man convicted of killing a Bay Area techexec was handed down today. He will serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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