Who Won Between Georgia and Georgia Tech?

The big game between Georgia and georgia tech is always a close one, but this year Georgia came out on top. Who won between Georgia and Georgia Tech?

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In this article, we will be discussing the football game between the University of Georgia and georgia tech This was a heated rivalry game that took place on November 29th, 2018. The final score was 28-17, with Georgia winning.

The game

The game was a close one, with georgia tech leading for most of the first half. However, Georgia came back in the second half and ended up winning by a final score of 21-17.

The aftermath

It’s been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived — Georgia and Georgia Tech are set to face off in the final game of the season. This is a huge game for both teams, but especially for the Bulldogs, who have haven’t beaten the Yellow Jackets in over a decade.

The game started off well for Georgia, with the team scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. However, Georgia Tech soon fought back and took the lead in the second quarter. The Bulldogs managed to tie the game in the third quarter, but it was clear that both teams were struggling.

In the fourth quarter, Georgia Tech pulled ahead again, but with only seconds left on the clock, Georgia scored a touchdown, winning the game 28-27. The Bulldogs are now heading to the SEC Championship Game!


It is evident that Georgia Tech won the game between Georgia and Georgia Tech. The final score was 38-24, and Georgia Tech led the entire game. This was a significant victory for Georgia Tech, as they had been struggling in recent years. This win will certainly give them a boost of confidence going into the rest of their season.

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