Who Won the Texas Tech vs. Duke Game?

The Duke Blue Devils won their 5th NCAA National Championship in men’s basketball last night, defeating the texas tech Red Raiders in a close game.

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Texas Tech

texas tech won the game against Duke with a score of 72-69. This was a huge victory for texas tech and their fans.

Won the game

Texas Tech won the game against Duke with a score of 69-58.


Texas Tech beat Duke, 69-58.


Texas Tech entered the game as the #5 ranked team in the nation, while Duke came in at #8.

This was the first ever meeting between the two schools.

Duke led for most of the game, but Texas Tech went on a late run to take the lead with less than 5 minutes left.

Duke then rallied to retake the lead and held on for a slim 3-point victory, 72-69.


Duke won the game against Texas Tech with a score of 71-69. This was a very close game, and Duke was only up by 2 points at the end. This was a very exciting game to watch, and Duke’s victory was very impressive.

Lost the game

Duke, who was ranked No. 1 in the nation going into the game, lost to Texas Tech 68-58.


The final score of the game was Duke 91 and Texas Tech 69.


The greatest game ever played in basketball history concluded with Duke defeating Texas Tech in overtime, Cameron Reddish hit the game-tying three with less than a second left in regulation and R.J. Barrett scored 30 points to lead the way for Duke.

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