Who Won the Virginia Tech Game?

It was a close game, but virginia tech ultimately won by a score of 31-28. Stay up to date on all the latest college football news by following our blog.

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The Score

Who won?

The final score was 31-17, in favor of virginia tech

What was the final score?

The final score of the game was virginia tech 10 and Duke: 0.

The Highlights

The virginia tech game was a close one, but the home team ultimately came out on top. The score was 27-24, with the home team winning by a field goal in the final seconds of the game. This was a thrilling matchup that had fans on the edge of their seats the whole game.

What were the best plays of the game?

There were a lot of great plays in the virginia tech game but some of the best ones include:

-Tyrod Taylor’s touchdown pass to David Watford in the first quarter. This was a great play because it put Virginia Tech ahead early and set the tone for the rest of the game.

-The interception by Kyle Fuller in the second quarter. This was a huge play because it stopped a scoring drive by the other team and gave Virginia Tech’s offense a chance to get back on the field.

-The touchdown run by Michael Brewer in the fourth quarter. This was a great play because it put Virginia Tech ahead by two scores and helped seal the victory.

Who made the most points?

The Virginia tech game was very exciting. The final score was Virginia Tech: 24, Pittsburgh: 31. In the end, Pittsburgh made more points and won the game.

The Reactions

Both teams put up a good fight, but in the end, Virginia Tech won the game. The reactions from the fans have been mixed. Some are excited and proud of their team, while others are disappointed and feel like they could have done better. Regardless of the mixed reactions, it’s clear that everyone is proud of their team.

How did the fans react to the game?

The fans were absolutely ecstatic after the game. It was a very close game and they were not sure who was going to win until the very end. They were all very relieved and excited that their team came out on top.

What did the coaches say about the game?

After the game, both coaches had high praise for their teams. Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente said that his team played “hard and physical” and that they made “a lot of plays.” He also praised quarterback Josh Jackson, saying that he “managed the game well” and made some “great throws.”

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly was also pleased with his team’s performance, saying that they played “with a lot of heart and passion.” He too praised Jackson, saying that he was “impressive” and did a “great job.” Kelly also said that he was proud of his team for bouncing back after their loss to Georgia last week.

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