Who Won the Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina Game?

The virginia tech vs. North Carolina game was a close one, but ultimately the Hokies came out on top. Check out our blog post to see who won and what highlights from the game.

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The final score of the game was virginia tech 59 and North Carolina: 73. This was a huge victory for North Carolina, and their team is now ranked number one in the nation.

Final Score

The final score of the game was virginia tech 7 and North Carolina: 27.


1st Quarter
VT: 7
UNC: 0

2nd Quarter
VT: 14
UNC: 7

3rd Quarter
VT: 21
UNC: 7

4th Quarter
VT: 21 // Final score


Best Plays

First Quarter
1:07 – North Carolina blocked a Virginia Tech punt deep in Tech territory, leading to a Tar Heel touchdown and an early 7-0 lead.

Second Quarter
14:54 – Virginia Tech quarterback Josh Jackson ran for a 12-yard touchdown to even the score at 7-7.
7:26 – North Carolina quarterback Chazz Surratt ran for an 8-yard touchdown to give the Tar Heels a 14-7 lead.
3:10 – Virginia Tech responded with a touchdown drive of their own, capped off by an 11-yard Jackson run, to tie the game at 14-14.

Turning Point

The turning point in the game came in the second half when Virginia Tech scored 21 unanswered points to take a commanding lead. North Carolina simply couldn’t recover from the deficit, and the Hokies went on to win by a final score of 42-17.


The virginia tech hokies came out on top in a close game against the North Carolina Tar Heels. The final score was 28-21, with the Hokies winning by a touchdown. This was a big win for the Hokies, who are now 5-2 on the season.

What Worked

Congratulations to the Virginia Tech Hokies on their victory over the North Carolina Tar Heels! This was a great game and both teams played their hearts out. Here is a look at what worked for the Hokies in this game.

The Virginia Tech offense was firing on all cylinders in this game. Quarterback Michael Vick was able to make plays with his arm and his legs, and the offensive line gave him time to throw. The Hokies also did a good job of running the ball, which kept the Tar Heels defense honest.

The Virginia Tech defense was solid throughout the game, and they made some big plays when they needed to. They were able to pressure Tar Heels quarterback Chris Keldorf into some bad throws, and they came up with a big stop late in the game to seal the victory.

What Didn’t Work

In the end, there were too many turnovers and not enough stops on defense. For all the talk of how good Virginia Tech’s offense is, it couldn’t get going against North Carolina. The Hokies shot just 41 percent from the field and scored a season-low 66 points.

defensively, Virginia Tech gave up 10 3-pointers and allowed North Carolina to shoot 48 percent from the field. The Tar Heels also had 22 points off turnovers, which was too much to overcome.


What the Players Said

After the big game, the players had a lot to say. Here are some quotes from the post-game press conference:

“It was a great game and we’re really happy to have won. We played our hearts out and we’re just thrilled to be victorious.” – Virginia Tech player

“We gave it our all but unfortunately we came up short. I’m proud of my team and how they fought though, we’ll definitely be back next year.” – North Carolina player

What the Coaches Said

After an impressive win, the Virginia Tech coaches had nothing but good things to say about their team.

“I’m proud of our kids,” said head coach Justin Fuente. “They played hard for four quarters and made the plays they needed to make to win the game.”

“Our defense was phenomenal,” added defensive coordinator Bud Foster. “They made it tough on North Carolina all day long.”

The Hokies will now turn their attention to next week’s game against Pitt.

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