Why Are You Interested in Attending Georgia Tech?

Why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech? There are many reasons why students choose to attend georgia tech Some students are interested in the research opportunities that are available, while others are drawn to the school’s location in Atlanta. Whatever your reasons for wanting to attend georgia tech be sure to include them in your application!

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Why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech is a world-renowned institution, known for its rigorous academic programs and its commitment to research and innovation. Our location in the heart of Atlanta gives students unparalleled access to internships and opportunities in a major metropolitan area. And our passionate and engaged student body creates a lively and supportive campus community.

We want to know why YOU are interested in attending georgia tech Are you looking for rigorous academics? Opportunities to apply your knowledge? A supportive community? Something else entirely? We want to hear what makes Georgia Tech the right fit for you.

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