Why Did Buzz Williams Leave Virginia Tech?

Why did Buzz Williams leave Virginia Tech? There are many possible explanations, but the most likely one is that he simply wanted a change of scenery. After six years with the Hokies, Williams may have felt like it was time for a new challenge.

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It was a decision that shocked the college basketball world. After six successful seasons at Marquette, Buzz Williams decided to leave for virginia tech It was a move that nobody saw coming, and it left Marquette fans wondering why their beloved coach would leave for what many considered to be a step down.

There are many theories as to why Williams decided to leave Marquette for virginia tech but the most likely explanation is that he simply felt like it was time for a change. After six years at Marquette, Williams had taken the program as far as he could. The Golden Eagles had made the NCAA tournament five times under his watch, but they had never been able to take that next step and make a deep run.

Virginia Tech offered Williams an opportunity to start fresh, and he clearly saw potential in the Hokies program. While virginia tech is not considered one of the top basketball programs in the country, they do have some good young players and they play in a relatively weak conference (the ACC). With some good recruiting and some luck, Williams could potentially turn Virginia Tech into a national power.

Only time will tell if Buzz Williams made the right decision in leaving Marquette for Virginia Tech, but it is clear that he felt like it was time for a change.

Williams’ Record at Virginia Tech

Buzz Williams became the head coach of the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team in 2014. In his six seasons with the Hokies, Williams compiled a record of 161-122 (.568). He led Virginia Tech to four NCAA Tournament appearances, including two trips to the Sweet 16 (2016 and 2019).

Under Williams, Virginia Tech also won the 2018 NIT Championship.

Prior to coaching at Virginia Tech, Williams was the head coach at Marquette University from 2008-2014. He led Marquette to five NCAA Tournament appearances, including one trip to the Elite Eight (2013).

Reasons for Leaving

While Virginia Tech is a great school, there are many reasons why Buzz Williams decided to leave. One of the main reasons is that he was not getting paid enough. With a new contract at Texas A&M, he will be making nearly $4 million per year. Additionally, Texas A&M is located in a better recruiting area.


It’s no secret that coaching can take a toll on family life. Williams’ wife Ingrid has been a rock for him throughout his coaching career, but it’s clear that the constant travel and time away from home has taken its toll. In an interview with Andy Katz earlier this year, Williams admitted that he “missed 1,397 days of his daughters’ lives” during his five years at Virginia Tech.

It’s also worth noting that Williams’ father passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. While Williams was clearly close with his father, it’s possible that the death made him realize how much he was missing by being on the road so much.

In the end, it seems like family played a big role in Williams’ decision to leave Virginia Tech. He told reporters that he wants to spend more time with his wife and daughters and that he plans to “coach until [he] dies or [they] fire [him].

Texas A&M’s Offer

The biggest reason that Buzz Williams decided to leave Virginia Tech was because of the offer from Texas A&M. According to Jeff Goodman of Stadium, the offer from the Aggies was “too good to pass up.” Williams was reportedly offered a six-year deal worth $3.1 million per year.

Goodman also reports that part of the reason Williams decided to leave Virginia Tech was because of the school’s decision to not renew his assistant coach’s contracts. While Williams’ assistant coaches were not let go, they were not given new contracts, which led to some tension between Williams and the school.

The Future of Virginia Tech’s Program

It is no secret that Buzz Williams has been one of the hottest names in coaching over the past few years.

After leading Marquette to five straight NCAA tournament appearances, including a Sweet Sixteen berth in 2013, Williams was courted by a number of major programs.

However, he ultimately decided to stay at Marquette and signed a contract extension that would keep him with the Golden Eagles through the 2020-21 season.

Just two years later, Williams shocked the college basketball world by leaving Marquette to take over at Virginia Tech.

Williams cited a number of reasons for his decision to leave Marquette, including a desire to be closer to his family (he is from Virginia) and a feeling that it was time for a new challenge.

He also spoke about the potential he saw in the Virginia Tech program and the opportunity to help build something special in Blacksburg.

In just two seasons, Williams has made good on his promise to turn Virginia Tech into a contender in the ACC.

The Hokies have gone from being an afterthought in the conference to being one of its top teams, winning 21 games and reaching the NCAA tournament in 2018-19.

With Williams at the helm, Virginia Tech looks poised to be a force in the ACC for years to come.


In conclusion, while there are many reasons that could contribute to why Buzz Williams decided to leave Virginia Tech, the most likely reason is that he was offered a head coaching position at Texas A&M with a substantially higher salary. With the Hokies set to lose quite a few seniors from their rotation and having just missed out on the NCAA tournament, it made sense for Williams to jump ship for a better situation.

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