Why Did Mike Leach Get Fired from Texas Tech?

Why did Mike Leach get fired from Texas Tech? We explore the reasons behind his firing, and what it means for the future of the program.

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In December 2009, Mike Leach, the highly successful and eccentric football coach of texas tech was fired amid accusations that he mistreated a player with a concussion. The firing came just days before Leach was to receive a bonus of $800,000, and it stunned the college football world.

Leach had built texas tech into a national power image_url in just ten years, and his teams were known for their exciting, high-scoring style of play. He was also known for being eccentric and unorthodox; he once made his players stand in a pond to try to toughen them up, and he was known for his love of pirate lore.

The player at the center of the controversy was Adam James, the son of former NFL player Craig James. Adam James had been diagnosed with a concussion and told by doctors not to practice or play in games. However, Leach allegedly ordered James to stand in a dark closet during practice or else he would be kicked off the team. When James’ father heard about this, he went public with the story, and Leach was eventually fired.

Leach has denied all of the accusations against him, and many of his former players have come to his defense. He has filed lawsuits against texas tech and Craig James, but so far he has been unsuccessful in getting his job back or receiving any financial compensation.

Mike Leach’s coaching style

In his book “Swing Your Sword”, Leach talks about his coaching style. He says that he is “a demanding coach who expects a lot from his players, but he also believes in having fun and enjoying the game.” He also says that he is “not afraid to experiment and try new things, even if they are controversial.”

Leach’s coaching style was seen as too demanding by some, and his firing from Texas Tech was partly due to complaints from players about his treatment of them. In 2009, Leach was accused of mistreating player Adam James, who had a concussion. Leach denies the accusations, but they resulted in him being fired from Texas Tech.

The events leading up to Leach’s firing

In December of 2009, Leach was fired from Texas Tech after allegations surfaced that he mistreated an injured player. The player, Adam James, had suffered a concussion and was allegedly forced to stand in a dark room during practice and told to eat lunch with the team’s equipment manager. Leach denied the allegations and was never charged with any crime, but he was fired nonetheless.

The firing caused a lot of controversy, with many people believing that Leach had been treated unfairly. Leach himself sued Texas Tech for wrongful termination, but the case was eventually settled out of court.

The aftermath of Leach’s firing

After Leach was fired from Texas Tech, he filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the school. In the suit, Leach claimed that he was wrongfully terminated and that the school had breached his contract.

Leach also claimed that the school owed him $2.5 million in unpaid salary and bonuses. In May 2013, a jury ruled in favor of Leach, ordering the school to pay him $2 million.


In conclusion, Mike Leach was fired from Texas Tech for his actions towards Adam James. While some people may say that his actions were not severe enough to warrant firing, others believe that he went too far and that the school had no choice but to let him go. No matter what your opinion is, the fact remains that Mike Leach is no longer the head coach at Texas Tech.

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