Why Mike Leach Left Texas Tech

Mike Leach, former texas tech football coach, left his job to take the head coaching position at Washington State. Why did he make this decision?

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When texas tech let Mike Leach go in 2009, it was a move that was baffling to many. Leach had been with the school for ten years, and during that time he had built the Red Raiders into a consistent winner. In his last two seasons at the school, texas tech went 11-2 and 9-4, and Leach was considered one of the top coaches in college football. So why did texas tech let him go?

There are a few theories. One is that Leach was simply too eccentric for the school. He was known for having strange beliefs, and for running an unorthodox program. This theory is supported by the fact that Leach was replaced by Tommy Tuberville, a more traditional coach.

Another theory is that Leach was difficult to work with. He was known to be demanding of his assistants, and he often feuded with the school’s administrators. This theory is supported by the fact that many of Leach’s assistants left Texas Tech before he did.

Whatever the reason, Mike Leach is no longer the coach at Texas Tech. And while his time at the school ended abruptly, there’s no denying that he left a lasting impact on the program.

Reasons for leaving

Mike Leach was the head coach of the texas tech red raiders football team from 2000-2009. He left Texas Tech to take the head coaching position at Washington State University. The reasons for his departure are not entirely clear, but there are a few possible explanations.

Low salary

In December of 2009, it was revealed that Mike Leach was the second lowest paid coach in the Big 12, behind only new Baylor head coach Art Briles. His $1.6 million annual salary made him the 39th highest paid coach in college football. It’s no secret that Leach was looking for a pay raise, and Texas Tech refused to meet his demands.

Poor working conditions

In his book Swing Your Sword, Leach said that he was atTech for 10 years, “the first five of which were great.” He said that after that, things changed and he began to butt heads with the administration. He felt that the administration was “micromanaging” him and he didn’t have the same autonomy that he had before. Leach also said that host of other things contributed to his decision to leave, including:

-Not being able to hire his own assistant coaches
-The school’s unwillingness to upgrade facilities
-The increasing influence of donors on the football program
-A general feeling that he was being disrespected by the administration

Lack of job security

In December of 2009, just two years after he was hired, Mike Leach was fired from his head coaching position at Texas Tech. The firing came as a surprise to many, as Leach had been one of the most successful coaches in the program’s history. In his 10 years at Tech, Leach led the team to eight bowl games and compiled a record of 84-43. So why was he fired?

The primary reason cited by Tech officials was a lack of job security. In the months leading up to his firing, Leach had been embroiled in a contract dispute with the school. He was seeking a raise and a longer-term contract, but the school was unwilling to meet his demands. With his job on the line, Leach began to worry that he would be let go if the team didn’t perform well.

In addition to the contract dispute, there were also rumors that Leach was difficult to work with. He was said to be demanding and often berated players and staff members. These reports likely played a role in the decision to fire him.

Ultimately, Leach’s firing came down to a combination of factors. His contract dispute made him a target for dismissal, and reports of his difficult behavior likely sealed his fate.


Mike Leach’s time at Texas Tech came to an abrupt end in 2009 when he was fired for allegedly mistreating a player. The incident sparked a long legal battle between Leach and the school. Leach eventually won a settlement, but the damage to his reputation was done.

Hiring of new head coach

Texas Tech University’s football program was in need of a new head coach after Mike Leach was fired in 2009. The school hired Tommy Tuberville, who had a successful track record as a head coach at the University of Auburn.

Improvement of team morale

In 2009, after a 5-7 season, Leach was again embroiled in controversy. Adam James, son of former NFL player Craig James, alleged that he was mistreated after suffering a concussion. The wide receiver said he was twice forced to stand in a dark room during practice and once made to sit in an equipment shed. Initially, Leach was suspended by the school and then fired amid controversy on December 30, 2009.

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