Why Does Big Tech Support the Left?

Why Does Big Tech Support the Left?

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The tech industry is Dominated by the Left

The tech industry is overwhelmingly dominated by the left. In 2016, a report from the website WIRED found that 70% of employees at major tech companies identified as Democrats, compared to just 9% who identified as Republicans.

There are a number of reasons for this imbalance. First, the industry is disproportionately populated by young people, who tend to be more liberal than older Americans. Second, many tech companies are based in California, a solidly Democratic state.

But there are also a number of structural factors that make the tech industry more hospitable to liberal views and policies. For one thing, the industry relies heavily on government support, both in the form of research funding and favorable regulations. This dependence gives left-leaning politicians and interest groups significant leverage over the sector.

Additionally, the tech industry prides itself on its commitment to diversity and inclusion. This commitment often takes the form of support for multiculturalism, gender equity, and other progressive causes. Tech companies also tend to be vocal advocates for open immigration policies, which furthers their left-leaning tendencies.

Big Tech Companies are Left-Leaning

Big technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook have been criticized for their support of left-leaning causes. While these companies do have a history of supporting liberal causes, there are also several reasons why they may continue to do so.

First, many of these companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley, which is a very left-leaning area. This means that the employees of these companies are more likely to be left-leaning themselves. Additionally, these companies tend to attract top talent from across the country, and many of these workers also come from left-leaning backgrounds.

Second, big tech companies are often led by progressive CEOs who are themselves quite left-leaning. For example, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has been a strong supporter of immigration reform and has spoken out against the Trump administration’s travel ban. Similarly, Tim Cook of Apple has been an outspoken critic of President Trump’s policies on trade and climate change.

Finally, it’s worth noting that many big tech companies rely heavily on government contracts. This means that they may feel the need to support the policies of the current administration in order to maintain good relations with government officials.

Overall, there are numerous reasons why big tech companies may continue to support left-leaning causes.

The Left is more Innovative

One popular theory is that the Left is more innovative. The logic goes that the further you are from the status quo, the more likely you are to come up with new and novel ideas. And since the Left is further from the status quo than the Right, they are more likely to be associated with innovation.

However, there is evidence to suggest that this isn’t true. A study by researchers at Vanderbilt University found that people who identify as “conservative” are actually more likely to come up with new and innovative ideas than people who identify as “liberal.”

So if it’s not because they’re more innovative, why do big tech companies support the Left?

The Right is more Tradition-Bound

The most probable reason that Big Tech overwhelmingly supports the Left is that the Right is more tradition-bound. That is, they are more likely to support the status quo, which happens to be a left-leaning status quo. For example, consider the tech industry itself. It’s filled with people who dropped out of college or never went in the first place. They are rebels and risk-takers by nature. They are also more likely to be atheists and support gay marriage, both of which puts them at odds with the religious right.

But there’s another factor at play here as well. The tech industry is global by nature. And the globalized world is a more left-leaning world. For example, globalization has led to increased immigration, which puts pressure on traditional social structures like marriage and family. It has also led to the rise of cosmopolitanism, which values individual rights over collective rights (the family, tribe, nation).

Big Tech Companies are more Progressive

While conservatives and liberals have always butt heads, the level of discourse has lowered in recent years and it seems as if there is no common ground. In fact, people on opposite sides of the aisle can’t even agree on what truths are anymore. So, it’s no wonder that big tech companies are more progressive. They have a young, educated workforce that is mostly made up of Democrats.

According to a Pew Research Center poll from 2019, 61% of adults in the U.S. say they get most of their news from social media That’s up from 49% in 2016. And a majority of people say they get their news from websites like Facebook (62%), YouTube (53%), and Twitter (50%). The way people consume news has changed dramatically in recent years and big tech companies have at their fingertips fingertip the ability to dictate what people see and how they see it.

The power that big tech companies have over the flow of information is unprecedented and they are using that power to influence public opinion in favor of more progressive policies. For example, Facebook has been accused of censoring conservative voices and YouTube has been criticized for demonetizing videos from right-wing channels.

There are a number of reasons why big tech companies would want to promote progressive policies. They may genuinely believe in them or they may think it will help them sell more products/services to a wider audience. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that big tech companies are using their power to sway public opinion in favor of the left.


In conclusion, Big Tech’s support for the Left is likely due to a combination of political ideological alignment and financial self-interest. As the industry has grown and become more powerful, it has become increasingly influential in shaping public policy. This is particularly true on issues like net neutrality and privacy, which are directly relevant to the tech industry’s business model.

At the same time, it’s also worth noting that many of the people who work in the tech industry are themselves liberal-minded individual who support left-leaning causes. This is likely to be a significant factor in why Big Tech so often takes positions that align with the Left.

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