Why Tech Sales: The Top Interview Question

Sales representatives are the heart and soul of any tech company. They are the ones who drive revenue and keep the lights on. Without a strong sales team, most tech companies would quickly go out of business.

So, why tech sales?

The answer is simple: because tech sales is a challenging and rewarding career that offers endless opportunities for growth.

If you’re thinking about a career in tech sales, here are a few things to keep in mind:


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Tech sales is a hot industry, and job seekers are eager to get their foot in the door. But what does it really take to succeed in tech sales?

In this post, we’ll explore the top interview question that job seekers should be prepared to answer: “Why tech sales?”

Answering this question effectively can help you stand out from the competition and land the job of your dreams. So let’s get started!

The Benefits of a Tech Sales Career

A career in tech sales can be very rewarding. You can earn a high salary, have a lot of job security, and have the potential to move up quickly in your career. Tech sales is also a great way to get into the tech industry without having to have a lot of technical expertise.

The Tech Sales Cycle

The tech sales cycle is the process that tech sales reps use to take a potential customer from first contact to closed sale.

The cycle usually starts with a lead, which is a potential customer that has been identified as someone who might be interested in the product or service being offered. The lead is then contacted by the sales rep, who will try to generate interest in the product and set up an appointment for a meeting or demo.

If the meeting is successful, the rep will then work on getting the lead to commit to a purchase, which is known as a closed sale. The cycle can sometimes be shorter or longer depending on the product being sold and how much interest the lead has.

The Compensation

In tech sales, the compensation is high. In general, the base salary for a tech sales position is very competitive with other industries. However, where tech sales really shines is in the commission structure. In tech sales, you can typically make a commission on everything that you sell. This means that if you are successful in making sales, your earnings potential is Unlimited. Of course, this also means that if you are unsuccessful in making sales, your earnings will be limited. But if you are good at what you do and enjoys sales, then a tech sales career can be very lucrative.

The Job Security

In the current economic climate, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a career is job security. The good news is that a career in tech sales is one of the most secure options out there. The demand for tech sales professionals is consistently high, and the turnover rate is relatively low. This means that once you get your foot in the door, you’re likely to stay there for a long time.

And it’s not just big companies that are looking for tech salespeople. Startups are also always on the lookout for talented sales professionals who can help them get their products off the ground. So whatever your preferred work environment, you’re sure to find a place in tech sales.

The Top Interview Question

Why do you want to be in tech sales? This is the top interview question that you will be asked when you are interviewing for a tech sales position. There are a few key reasons why you should want to be in tech sales. First, tech sales is a high-growth industry. Second, tech sales is a great way to learn about new technology. Third, tech sales is a great way to build relationships with customers. Lastly, tech sales is a great way to earn a high income.

Why do you want to be in tech sales?

This is a question that is commonly asked in tech sales interviews, and it can be a make or break moment. Your answer to this question will show the interviewer whether or not you have carefully considered your career choice and whether or not you are truly passionate about tech sales.

There are a few key things that you should touch on in your answer to this question. First, you should highlight your interest in technology and explain why you are excited about working with new and innovative products. Second, you should emphasize your people skills and explain why you enjoy working with others to solve problems. Finally, you should talk about your motivation for wanting to succeed in sales.

If you can show the interviewer that you have carefully considered why you want to be in tech sales and that you have the skills and motivation to excel in this field, then you will be well on your way to landing the job.

What do you know about the tech sales process?

As the job market continues to tighten, more and more job seekers are turning to the tech sales industry in search of stable, high-paying jobs. But what exactly is tech sales? And what does the tech sales process entail?

In a nutshell, tech sales is the process of selling technical products or services to businesses or consumers. This can include anything from software and hardware to cloud-based services and mobile apps. The tech sales process usually involves four main steps: prospecting, pitching, closing, and account management.

Prospecting is the first step in the tech sales process and involves finding potential customers or clients who may be interested in your product or service. This can be done through various methods such as online research, cold-calling, or networking.

Pitching is the next step and involves presenting your product or service to a potential customer in a way that highlights its unique features and benefits. This step is crucial in converting a potential customer into an actual paying customer.

Closing is the third step in the tech sales process and involves sealing the deal with a customer by getting them to commit to a purchase. This usually requires overcome any final objections that the customer may have.

Lastly, account management involves maintaining relationships with existing customers and ensuring that they are satisfied with your product or service. This step is important for retaining customers and preventing them from churning.

What are your tech sales experiences and successes?

As the industry of tech sales continues to grow, so too do the number of questions asked in interviews. With so many different aspects to the job, it can be difficult to know which questions will be the most important.

While every interviewer is different, there is one question that is almost always guaranteed to be asked: “What are your tech sales experiences and successes?”

This question allows the interviewer to get a sense of your experience and skills in the tech sales field. It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your successes and highlight what makes you a good fit for the position.

Here are some tips for how to answer this question:

-Be specific about your experiences and successes. Generic answers will not impress the interviewer.
-Highlight your most impressive achievements. If you have any major successes in tech sales, make sure to mention them!
– demonstrate how your skills and experiences can benefit the company you’re interviewing with. Explain how you would be an asset to their team.

Answering this question well is a great way to make a strong impression in your interview and increase your chances of landing the job. So take some time to prepare your answer ahead of time, and you’ll be sure to impress!


In conclusion, a career in tech sales is a great choice for people who are looking for an exciting and fast-paced industry where they can use their skills to sell cutting-edge products. If you’re considering a career in tech sales, make sure you’re prepared to answer this interview question.

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