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So you know by now ClearView Gestures is an Android app which allows various actions to be executed or launched with simple gestures. It provides flexibility to quickly call someone or launch an app using your own gestures and much more.

Some background
Initially this project started when I got interested with Android and wanted to make an app for my phone which had transparent overlay where in I can draw my gesture and those can be picked up by other programs. My wife liked this idea and suggested me to share it on Play Store. But the application was just fit for my needs and I wasn’t sure if it would be useful to other people.

So I thought why not make a full-fledged app with gesture recognition capabilities which could replace my current gestures app and will be useful to other people as well.

So the project which initially started with name of ClearView got renamed to ClearView Gestures. OK, now why the name ClearView; reason being the initial project was just about having an app that provides a transparent overlay (a clear view) over other apps so you can draw on top of it. This idea later transformed into full-fledged gesture recognition app and current name got appended with Gestures.

I used to work on this app as when I had some spare time which was sometimes hard to find. So the app development started in beginning of year and took almost entire year to be good enough for full time usage. In the last quarter of year I had very limited time to work on this and was planning to release the first version hoping it would prove useful to people. So was born this app – ClearView Gestures.

All in all this app is dedicated to my lovely wife who inspired me with an idea and for sure it’s made with love :-).

Hope you enjoy the app as much as I do and thanks for using it.


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