Gestures Pad

Gestures Pad
Have you configured too many gestures and sometimes unable to figure out what to draw on Gesture drawer. Well fret not help is here.

With pro version of ClearView Gestures you get a feature allowing possibility to show all configured gestures with a single swipe above other apps. What’s more? You can even execute gestures with single touch from here without even the need to draw them. This feature is called Gestures pad which presents you with a floating intelligent pad view showing all your gestures with icons and labels. Now what if don’t want to show all gestures but just a subset of your gestures in this pad, these could be gestures which you don’t remember or don’t want to draw again and again. You can definitely do that, go to Gestures pad settings and enable the gestures items which you would like to see listed on the pad. Sounds easy. 🙂

As with other features of ClearView Gestures this feature also comes with some handy options you can further tweak to enhance your experience. Let me provide you a quick glimpse of options available.

  • Show the pad item in Grid or List view as per your preference
  • Hide labels beneath icons on pad
  • Use gesture name as the label name beneath icons on pad
  • Use auto adjust pad to screen size or tweak number of columns that appear on pad
  • Change icon size of the pad items
  • Choose a different label color for pad items
  • Choose a different background color for pad
  • Keep pad open after gesture execution
  • Make the pad translucent and control amount of transparency
  • Hide toggle messages
  • Control touch feedback
  • Enable, disable items shown in pad

Gestures pad can be launched from Swipe spots. You can configure a Swipe spot to launch the Gestures pad from Swipe spot Settings.
I hope you would find this feature useful.


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