How Much Does an Ultrasound Tech Make in Georgia?

If you’re considering a career as an ultrasound technician in Georgia, you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. Here’s a look at the average salary for ultrasound techs in the state, as well as some factors that can influence your earnings.

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The ultrasound tech salary in Georgia is $67,000 per year, or $32 per hour. This is higher than the national average salary for ultrasound techs which is $60,000 per year. In addition to their salary, many ultrasound techs in Georgia also receive benefits such as health insurance and paid time off.

What is an ultrasound tech?

An ultrasound tech is someone who uses sonography machines to take images of patients’ bones, organs, and blood vessels. They may also be responsible for performing other diagnostic procedures, such as ultrasounds or echocardiograms.

Becoming an ultrasound tech requires completing an accredited training program and passing a state-administered exam. In Georgia, the average annual salary for an ultrasound tech is $63,290, which is lower than the national average of $68,650.

What are the responsibilities of an ultrasound tech?

An ultrasound tech, or sonographer, is a trained healthcare professional who uses diagnostic ultrasound equipment to help doctors assess and diagnose patients’ medical conditions. Ultrasound techs typically work in hospitals, medical offices, and diagnostic laboratories. They may also be employed by mobile diagnostic services companies.

The specific responsibilities of an ultrasound tech vary depending on his or her place of employment, but generally include operating ultrasound machines, taking patient medical histories, answering patient questions, and preparing patients for procedures. Ultrasound techs must be able to maintain a high level of concentration while performing their duties, as well as have excellent hand-eye coordination to produce clear images.

What are the education and training requirements to become an ultrasound tech?

An ultrasound tech, also called a diagnostic medical sonographer is a health professional who uses special equipment to produce images of the human body. Ultrasound techs work in hospitals, clinics and private practices, and most are employed full time. They typically work regular business hours, but may be required to work evenings or weekends on occasion.

Education and training requirements for ultrasound techs vary by state, but most positions require at least an associate’s degree from an accredited program. Many employers also prefer candidates who are certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Those who wish to pursue a more advanced career may consider completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography.

What are the certification and licensing requirements to become an ultrasound tech?

In order to become an ultrasound tech in the state of Georgia, you must have at least an Associate’s degree from an accredited school and have completed a clinical rotation in diagnostic medical sonography. You must also pass the ARDMS certification exam. Once you have met all of these requirements, you will be eligible to apply for a license from the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners.

What are the job outlook and salary statistics for ultrasound techs in Georgia?

The average annual salary for ultrasound techs in Georgia is $74,610, which is slightly higher than the national average of $73,860. There are currently 1,290 ultrasound techs employed in the state of Georgia, and this number is expected to grow by 24% over the next ten years. This growth rate is slightly higher than the national average of 22%.


In conclusion, ultrasound techs in Georgia make a median salary of $33.78 per hour, or $70,160 per year. Salary can vary greatly depending on experience and employer, with some techs making as much as $49.52 per hour, or $102,810 per year. Those just starting out in the field can expect to make closer to $24.06 per hour, or $50,090 per year.

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