How Much Time Does a Tech Suit Drop?

If you’ve ever wondered how much time a tech suit drop, this blog post is for you! We’ll provide an in-depth look at the process and what you can expect.

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When you’re looking to improve your swimming, one of the first places to turn is a tech suit. A tech suit can shave seconds off your time and help you move up in the ranks. But how much time does a tech suit drop?

The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. A lot of factors go into how much time a tech suit will drop, including the type of tech suit, the swimmer’s skill level, and even the swimmer’s body type.

That being said, there are some general guidelines you can follow when estimating how much time a tech suit will drop. Generally speaking, a beginner swimmer can expect to drop anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds with a tech suit. A more experienced swimmer can expect to drop 5 to 10 seconds. And an elite swimmer can expect to drop 10 or more seconds.

Of course, these are just estimates. The only way to know for sure how much time a tech suit will drop is to experiment with different suits and see what works best for you. But if you’re looking to get an idea of how much time you can expect to drop with a tech suit, these general guidelines should give you a good starting point.

The different types of Tech Suits

There are three main types of tech suits: body skins, compression shorts, and full suits. Each type of tech suit has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Body skins are the lightest and most flexible type of tech suits. They provide good compression and help to reduce drag, but they don’t offer as much support as other types of tech suits. Body skins are a good choice for swimmers who want to feel fast in the water without sacrificing comfort.

Compression shorts are heavier and more supportive than body skins. They can help to improve your posture in the water and increase your speed. However, they can also be uncomfortable if they’re too tight. Compression shorts are a good choice for competitive swimmers who need an extra edge in races.

Full suits are the heaviest and most supportive type of tech suit. They provide the most compression and help to reduce drag more than any other type of tech suit. Full suits can be uncomfortable if they’re too tight, but they offer the most benefits for competitive swimmers.

The Pros and Cons of Tech Suits

There’s no question that tech suits can help you swim faster. But at what cost? Here are the pros and cons of wearing a tech suit in competition.


• You will swim faster. A tech suit is designed to provide a significant performance advantage, and it will deliver on that promise.

• They’re legal. Tech suits are approved for use in competition by swimming’s governing body, so you don’t have to worry about getting disqualified for wearing one.


• They’re expensive. A good tech suit can cost as much as $400, which is a lot of money for something you’ll only wear a few times before it needs to be replaced.

• They’re uncomfortable. Tech suits are tight and can be difficult to get on and off. They also tend to be less forgiving than regular swimsuits, so if you don’t have the perfect fit, you’ll be uncomfortable the whole race.

• They limit your mobility. The tight fit of a tech suit can restrict your range of motion, making it more difficult to swim with proper technique. This can lead to fatigue and increased risk of injury.

How Much Time Does a Tech Suit Drop?

A tech suit is designed to be more comfortable and provide more support than a traditional racing suit. They are often made of lighter and more elastic materials, and they often have less drag. Tech suits can be expensive, so it’s important to know how much time they can drop.

There is no simple answer to this question, as there are many factors that can affect how much time a tech suit can drop. These include the type of suit, the brand, the size, the swimmer’s strength and conditioning, and the swimmer’s technique.

Some suits have been shown to drop as much as three seconds per 100 meters, while others may only drop a fraction of a second. In general, however, most tech suits will provide at least some time drop, and the best way to find out how much time a particular suit will drop is to ask someone who has used it before.

How to Choose the right tech Suit

When it comes to choosing the right tech suit there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to decide what type of event you will be using the suit for. There are suits designed specifically for sprint events, distance events, or a combination of both. Second, you need to make sure the suit fits properly. Third, you need to decide how much time you are willing to spend in the suit. Finally, you need to make sure the suit meets all of the legal requirements for your event.

The following is a general guide on how much time a tech suit will drop:

Sprint events: 2-5 seconds

Distance events: 5-15 seconds

Combination events: 10-20 seconds

The Bottom Line

Swimmers are always looking for any advantage they can find to drop time in their events, so it’s no surprise that many of them turn to tech suits. But how much difference can a tech suit really make?

The bottom line is that a tech suit can drop a swimmer’s time by up to 2% in a single swim. That might not sound like much, but it can be the difference between making the podium or not. In a close race, every little bit counts.

Of course, not every swimmer will see the same results from their tech suit. Some swimmers will see a bigger time drop than others, and some may not see any difference at all. It all depends on the individual swimmer and their unique physiology.

If you’re considering buying a tech suit, it’s important to remember that they’re not a magic bullet. They won’t automatically make you faster, but they can give you a small boost if used correctly.

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