How to Go to Tech World in Pet Sim X

Looking to add a little more excitement to your Pet Sim game? Why not head to Tech World? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to get there!

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n order to go to tech world in pet sim x your pet must be level 30 or higher. Once you’ve reached the appropriate level, simply open up your map and select Tech World from the list of available worlds.

What is Tech World?

In Pet Sim X, Tech World is a special place where you can buy advanced technology for your pet. To get there, you must first complete the “Advanced Technology” quest. This quest is given by the Professor after you reach Level 5 in the game.

How to get to Tech World

In order to get to Tech World, you will need to buy a Space Shuttle from the Sims 4 store. Once you have done that, click on the Shuttle and select ” travel to Tech World.”

What to do in Tech World

In Pet Sim X, the player can travel to different “worlds” in order to find collectibles, buy exclusive items, and play with different NPCs. One of these worlds is Tech World, which is home to a variety of tech-themed items and NPCs. In order to visit Tech World, the player must have a Pet of at least level 10 and must have unlocked the world by completing the “Back to School” quest chain.

Once the player has unlocked Tech World, they can travel there by clicking on the “Travel” button in the world map interface. Upon arrival in Tech World, the player will be able to explore the area and interact with NPCs. Some of the notable NPCs in Tech World include Professor Labcoat and Tinkerer Bob. The player can also find exclusive items for purchase in Tech World, such as robotic pets and cybernetic implants.


In conclusion, you can go to Tech World in Pet Sim X by tapping on the “Travel” button, then selecting “Tech World” from the list of available locations.Make sure you have enough money to cover the travel costs, as well as any other expenses you may incur while in Tech World.Have fun!

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