How to Update Your Cen-Tech 60794

Updating the firmware on your Cen-Tech 60794 multimeter is a quick and easy process that anyone can do.

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If you have the Cen-Tech 60794 and want to keep it updated, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that you have the latest firmware installed. To do this, go to the Cen-Tech website and download the latest version of the firmware. Next, connect your Cen-Tech 60794 to your computer and open the firmware update application. Click “Update” and follow the instructions on screen. Finally, reboot your device to complete the firmware update process.

What You Need

-A laptop or computer with an SD card reader
-An SD card (8GB or larger)
-The latest Cen-Tech 60794 firmware ( available here )
-A USB cable


1. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your computer. You should see two files: “60794_vXXX.bin” and “60794_vXXX.md5”.

2. Copy the “60794_vXXX.bin” file to your SD card. Make sure that the file is in the root directory of the SD card – do not put it in a subfolder.

3. Connect your Cen-Tech 60794 to your computer using the USB cable, and power it on. The device should appear as a mass storage device on your computer.

4. Copy the “60794_vXXX.md5” file to the 60794’s mass storage device. This will start the firmware update process; do not disconnect the device until it is complete (which may take up to a minute). Once it is finished, you can safely remove the device from your computer.

How to Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware on your Cen-Tech 60794 is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. You’ll need a USB drive and a computer with internet access to download the update files. Once you have those, just follow the instructions below.

-Turn off the unit and unplug it from the power source.
-Remove the SD card from the side of the unit.
-Insert the SD card into your computer’s SD card reader.
-Go to Cen-Tech’s website and find the “Software & Firmware Updates” page (link in Resources).
-Click on the “60794 – firmware only” link to download the ZIP file to your computer.
-Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your USB drive.
-Eject the USB drive from your computer and insert it into one of the unit’s USB ports.
-Turn on the unit. The update should start automatically; if it doesn’t, pressMenu > System > Update Firmware and follow prompts from there.

How to Update the Software

Updating the software on your Cen-Tech 60794 is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. You’ll need a USB memory stick or SD card with at least 2GB of free space. The update files are available for download on the Cen-Tech website.

Once you have downloaded the update files, extract them to your USB memory stick or SD card. Insert the memory stick into the USB port on the back of the 60794. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn on the device. The update will start automatically and will take a few minutes to complete. Do not turn off the device during the update process.

How to Update the Drivers

Cen-Tech 60794 is an older model multimeter that is no longer supported by the company. However, you may still be able to find them for sale second-hand. If you have one of these multimeters, you may not be able to install the latest drivers on your computer. However, you can use a workaround to get the latest drivers installed.

1) Download the driver files from the internet. You can find these by searching for “Cen-Tech 60794 drivers”.

2) Unzip the file and extract the contents to a folder on your computer.

3) Right-click on the file named “ct60794” and select “Properties”.

4) In the Properties window, select the Compatibility tab.

5) Under Compatibility mode, select “Windows 7”.

6) Click “Apply” and then “OK”.

7) Double-click on the file named “ct60794” to launch the driver installation wizard.

How to Update the Cen-Tech 60794

Although the Cen-Tech 60794 is a reliable and affordable multimeter, it’s important to keep its firmware up to date to ensure optimal performance. Fortunately, updating the Cen-Tech 60794 is a relatively simple process that only requires a few steps.


We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any further questions, please contact our support team for assistance.

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