What Do Tech Points Do in Kingdom Hearts?

If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Hearts video game series, then you’re probably wondering what tech points do in the game. In this blog post, we’ll explain what tech points are and how they can be used to improve your game play.

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Hello, and welcome to my guide on What do Tech Points do in Kingdom Hearts. In this guide, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Tech Points, how to get them, what they’re used for, and more. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What are Tech Points?

Tech Points (TP) are a statistic in Kingdom Hearts that dictate how often characters can use their magic spells and abilities. The higher a character’s TP, the more often they can cast magic and use abilities.

Tech Points in Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, Tech Points (TP) are a type of experience point that is earned by attacking enemies and completing battle COMMENCEMENTes. After accumulating a certain number of Tech Points, the player’s party will level up their Drive Forms, allowing them to use more powerful abilities. In addition, some items and accessories can only be obtained after reaching a certain Drive Form level.

Tech Points in Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearts II, Tech Points (or TP) are a type of ability point that are used to learn and equip Techniques. Unlike other ability points, such as Magic and Drive Forms, which are determined by the amount of points put into them, the amount of Tech Points that Sora has is based on how many battles he has fought and how many techniques he has already learned. The maximum amount of Tech Points that Sora can have is 999.

How Do Tech Points Work?

You get Tech Points in Kingdom Hearts 3 by defeating enemies with special effects. Each type of enemy gives a set number of Tech Points, and the number goes up as you defeat more enemies of that type. You can use Tech Points to upgrade your Attractions, which are special abilities you can use in battle.

The Tech Point System

In Kingdom Hearts, the Tech Point system (テクニックポイント Tekunikku Poinuto, lit. “Technical Points”) is a gameplay mechanic that allows Sora to use his Drive Forms and summons. It returns in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

The system is similar to the Magic Point system in that it is a separate gauge from Sora’s HP and MP gauges. The Tech Point gauge depletes as Sora uses Drive Forms or summons, and will recharge over time. The rate at which it recharges depends on the game; in Kingdom Hearts, the gauge recharged slowly, while in Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep, it recharged much faster. In Dream Drop Distance, the Tech Point gauge no longer appears; instead, each transformation or summon has its own individual timer.

To use a Drive Form or summon in combat, Sora must have at least one Tech Point remaining. If he runs out of Tech Points while using a form or summon, he will automatically revert back to normal form. In Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, if Sora runs out of Tech Points while using a form or summon, he will be unable to attack for a brief moment before reverting back to normal form.

Tech Point Bonuses

In Kingdom Hearts, Tech Points (TP) are a valuable commodity. They’re spent on special abilities, which can give you an edge in battle. But how do you get them?

Tech Points are earned by defeating enemies. The number of TP you earn is based on the type of enemy you defeat, and whether or not you defeat it with a finishing move. Heartless and Nobodies yield more TP than regular enemies, and defeating a Boss enemy will net you a hefty amount of TP.

If you want to rack up TP quickly, focus on defeating Heartless and Nobodies with finishing moves. You can also grind for TP by fighting enemies over and over again until they drop enough to cover your desired tech.

What are the Best Ways to Use Tech Points?

You can use Tech Points, or TP, to heal your party or to deal extra damage to enemies. You earn Tech Points by dealing physical damage to enemies, and the amount of Tech Points you earn is based on how much damage you deal. You can also earn Tech Points by using certain items, such as Ethers.

Use Tech Points to Learn New Abilities

You can use Tech Points to learn new Abilities in Kingdom Hearts 3. Each Ability requires a different number of Tech Points to learn, and you can check how many Tech Points an Ability will cost by selecting it in the menu. To learn an Ability, go to the Status screen and select the “Abilities” option. Then, select the Ability you want to learn and press the “Learn” button. You can also change which Abilities are equipped on your characters from this menu. Each character can equip up to three different Abilities at a time.

Some Abilities can be upgraded with additional Tech Points. To upgrade an Ability, go to the Status screen and select the “Abilities” option. Then, select the Ability you want to upgrade and press the “Upgrade” button. You will need to have enough Tech Points to upgrade an Ability, and you can check how many Tech Points an upgrade will cost by selecting it in the menu.

Upgraded Abilities are more powerful than their base form and often have new effects or properties. For example, upgrading Fireball will cause it to explode on impact, while upgrading Blizzard will cause it to damage enemies over time.

Use Tech Points to Upgrade Abilities

In Kingdom Hearts, Tech Points (or TP) are a type of currency that you can use to purchase upgrades for your abilities. These upgrades can range from increasing the damage of your moves to adding new effects, and they can be extremely helpful in battle.

To purchase an upgrade, simply open the menu and select the “Abilities” option. From there, you’ll be able to see all of the available upgrades and their cost in Tech Points. Keep in mind that some upgrades may require a certain number of AP (Ability Points) before they can be purchased, so make sure you have enough AP before spending your hard-earned TP.

Once you’ve bought an upgrade, it’ll be permanently unlocked and will apply to all future playthroughs of the game. So if you’re struggling with a particular boss or battle, make sure to spend your Tech Points wisely!


In conclusion, Tech Points are necessary for issuing and executing commands with Donald and Goofy in battle. By extension, they are also necessary for keeping the Flowmotion battle system going. In order to get Tech Points, Sora must land hits on enemies and fill up the Tech Point gauge. The amount of Tech Points that are earned depends on how many hit points the enemy has, as well as how fast Sora fills up the gauge.

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