What Is an EKG Tech?

If you’re interested in a career in the medical field, you may be wondering what an EKG tech is. An EKG tech is a professional who provides diagnostic testing and analysis of heart function.

EKG techs use specialized equipment to measure and record electrical activity in the heart. This information is then used by doctors to diagnose and treat heart conditions.

If you’re interested in a career in the medical field, an EKG tech may be a

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Job Description

An EKG tech is responsible for administering electrocardiograms (EKGs) and Holter monitoring services to patients. They also perform stress testing, provide patient education, and maintain equipment. EKG techs must have excellent interpersonal skills as they interact with patients of all ages and backgrounds. They must also be able to keep accurate records.


An EKG tech is responsible for administering electrocardiograms, which measure the heart’s electrical activity. They hook patients up to an EKG machine, which records their heart’s activity on paper or a computer. They may also administer Holter monitor tests, which are used to detect irregular heartbeats. In some cases, they may also be responsible for administering stress tests.


An EKG tech must have excellent patient interaction skills. They must be able to put patients at ease in order to obtain accurate readings. They must also be able to work calmly and effectively in high-pressure situations.
EKG techs must have a strong knowledge of human anatomy and physiology in order to understand how the heart works and how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. They must also be able to identify normal EKG readings and know when a reading indicates a problem.
EKG techs must have strong detail-oriented, organizational, and time management skills. They are often responsible for scheduling patients, maintaining accurate records, and billing insurance companies. Strong computer skills are also critical in this role.


An electrocardiogram tech, or EKG tech, is a health care professional who provides diagnostic heart testing. The test is used to detect heart rhythm disorders and abnormalities. EKG techs use special machines to record the electrical activity of the heart, which is then interpreted by a physician. The average salary for an EKG tech is $33,000 per year.


The average salary for an EKG Technician is $28.44 per hour in the united states


An EKG tech’s salary will vary depending on their location. In a rural area, an EKG tech may make less than someone who lives and works in a large city. The cost of living also plays a role in how much an EKG tech makes. In general, an EKG tech can expect to make between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.

Education and Training

An EKG tech, or cardiovascular technologist, is a professional who specializes in performing diagnostic tests on the heart. EKG techs typically have at least an associate’s degree in cardiovascular technology. Some EKG techs may also have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as nursing. In addition to formal education, EKG techs must also complete on-the-job training.


EKG techs must be certified in order to work in most hospitals. Techs can earn certification from a number of organizations, but the National Healthcare Association (NHA) is the most popular. Certification from the NHA requires passing an exam, and candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent to sit for the exam. Most EKG tech programs will prepare students to take the NHA’s certification exam.


An Associate’s degree or certificate in EKG technology is the minimum level of education required for most entry-level positions, though some employers may prefer candidates with a Bachelor’s degree. Programs typically last between one and two years and cover topics such as cardiology, medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. In addition to coursework, hands-on training in a clinical setting is also generally required. After completing an accredited program, EKG techs must obtain certification from a national or state organization, such as the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Job Outlook

EKG technicians, also called cardiac monitor techs, operate machines that measure and record patients’ heart activity. They prepare patients for testing, hook them up to machines and make sure the equipment is working properly. Patients undergoing an EKG may be undergoing treatment for a heart condition or be healthy individuals taking part in a study. EKG technicians work in hospitals, doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics.

The job outlook for EKG technicians is good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of cardiovascular technologists and technicians, which includes EKG techs, will grow by 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. An aging population and an increase in the number of diagnostic procedures will drive demand for these workers.

Career Paths

An EKG tech is a trained medical professional who performs electrocardiogram (EKG) tests. These tests can be used to diagnose a variety of heart conditions, including arrhythmia, heart attack, and congestive heart failure. EKG techs are an important part of the healthcare team, and they play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions.

There are many different career paths that an EKG tech can take. Some EKG techs work in hospitals, while others work in clinics or doctor’s offices. Some EKG techs are also employed by companies that manufacture EKG machines or other medical equipment.

The job outlook for EKG techs is very good. The aging population is one of the main driving factors behind the expected job growth in this occupation. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, there will be an increased demand for medical services, including EKG testing. The job growth rate for EKG techs is expected to be much faster than the average for all occupations between now and 2026.

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