What is an OB Tech?

An OB Tech is a medical professional who provides support to obstetricians and gynecologists. They may assist with patient care, administrative tasks, or both. OB Techs play an important role in ensuring that obstetric and gynecologic practices run smoothly and efficiently.

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Job Description

An OB Tech is a professional who has received training in medical office procedures and medical billing and coding. They work with patients and medical staff to ensure that all medical office procedures are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Duties of an OB Tech

An OB tech, also known as an obstetrical technician, is a medical professional who provides direct patient care before, during and after childbirth. An OB tech performs a variety of important duties in support of obstetricians, nurses and other medical staff.

Specific duties for an OB tech include monitoring the fetal heartbeat during labor, providing emotional support to the mother and her family, counting and measuring the baby after delivery, suctioning the baby’s nose and mouth after delivery, and assisting with post-partum care. An OB tech must have excellent communication skills and be able to work well under pressure.

Education and Training

An OB tech is a medical professional who provides support to an OB/GYN during patient care and procedures. There is no specific education or training requirements to become an OB tech, but many OB techs have completed a postsecondary certificate or associate’s degree program in medical assisting. Some OB techs may also have previous experience working as a certified nurse assistant (CNA), medical assistant, or in another related role.

Career Path

An OB Tech is a medical professional who works in the field of obstetrics. They are responsible for providing care to pregnant women and their families. An OB Tech may work in a hospital, clinic, or private practice setting.

Salary and Job Outlook

The median salary for an OB Tech is $33,000 per year, with the top 10% earning more than $50,000 per year. Job growth is expected to be strong in this field, with an estimated 20% growth in jobs between 2016 and 2026.

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