What the Tech – The Podcast for Tech Enthusiasts

Join host Jeff Gamet and guest experts each week as they discuss all things tech including the latest trends, products, and services.

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What the Tech is a show for tech enthusiasts. We cover the latest news and provide helpful tips on everything from computers to smartphones. You’ll find us discussing the latest gadgets, software, apps, and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or a power user, we hope you’ll tune in and join the conversation!

What the Tech is about

What the Tech is a tech podcast for enthusiasts. We talk about all things tech, including news, hardware, software, and more. Our goal is to help you navigate the ever-changing world of technology and make informed decisions about the products and services you use. We also want to have some fun along the way!

The hosts

What the Tech is a technology podcast hosted by GGFan and Android Carl. The show covers the latest in tech news, reviews, and tips.

How to listen

If you’re a tech enthusiast, you probably want to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the tech world But with so many blogs, news sites, and product launches, it can be tough to keep up. That’s where podcasts come in.

Podcasts are a great way to get your tech fix while you’re on the go. And there are plenty of great tech podcasts out there catering to different interests. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorites and tell you how to listen to them.

If you’re new to podcasts, they’re essentially radio shows that you can listen to at your convenience. Most podcasts are free and available on a variety of platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. You can also find many podcasts on the websites of the companies that produce them.

To listen to a podcast, you’ll need a podcast player. This could be a standalone app like Pocket Casts or Overcast, or it could be built into another app like iTunes or the Google Play Music app. Once you’ve found a podcast player you like, subscribing to podcasts is usually as simple as searching for them in the app’s library and hitting the subscribe button.

When new episodes of a show are released, they’ll show up in your feed so you can listen at your leisure. And if you want to listen to an older episode, most podcast players will let you do that as well. Just find the show in your app’s library and select the episode you want to hear.


Thank you for listening to What the Tech. We hope you enjoyed the show and that you will continue to listen in the future. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us on our website or on social media Remember to subscribe to the show so that you never miss an episode, and please rate and review us on iTunes to help others find the show. Until next time, keep your tech up and running!

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