When Are Grades Due at Virginia Tech?

Find out when grades are due for each term at virginia tech

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Fall Semester

All grades are due within 72 hours of the final exam.

Classes Begin – August 26

Virginia Tech’s fall semester begins on August 26. This date may be adjusted for individual courses and programs, so be sure to check the registration schedule and with your academic advisor before enrolling in classes.

Classes end on December 11, and final exams will be held December 14-18. All final grade submissions are due in HokieSpa by noon on December 19.

Add/Drop Period Ends – September 3

After the add/drop period ends, you may not add or drop any courses except for special permission courses. Please see your advisor if you wish to request a course change after the deadline.

Labor Day – September 2

-All summer grades (including marching band and other classes) are due from faculty by noon.
-Fall Family Day (previously known as Fall Parents’ Weekend) is September 20 & 21.

Grades Due – November 25

All grades are due in Banner by midnight on Tuesday, November 25. Instructors have until noon on Wednesday, November 26 to submit changes to plus and minus grades that were assigned as a result of the final examination. No other changes to grades (i.e., I, NR, W, etc.) may be made after November 26.

Spring Semester

All grades are due within 72 hours of the end of the final exam period or the last day of class for the course, whichever is later. This applies to all courses, including those without a final exam. For example, if a student completes their last final exam on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, their grades are due by Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

Classes Begin – January 6

The Spring semester at virginia tech begins on January 6. Classes run for fifteen weeks, with a break for Easter. The last day of classes is April 24, and final exams are scheduled for May 1-5. Grades are due from instructors on May 8, and will be posted on balances no later than May 15.

Add/Drop Period Ends – January 13

After the add/drop period ends, students will not be able to make any changes to their schedule for the semester. This includes adding or dropping classes, changing sections, or changing from credit to audit. If a student needs to make a change to their schedule after the add/drop period has ended, they will need to submit a Schedule Change Request form. The Schedule Change Request form is available on the Registrar’s website.

Martin Luther King Day – January 20

Spring semester starts on Tuesday, January 21 for most students. Grades for the fall semester are due from faculty by noon on Tuesday, January 21. The holiday hours for Student Services will be as follows:

-The Bursar’s Office, Registrar’s Office, and Student Financial Aid will be open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
-The Testing Center and University Bookstore will be closed all day.
-Campus dining facilities will operate on their regular schedules.

Grades Due – May 4

All grades for undergraduate students are due in the Registrar’s Office by noon on Tuesday, May 4. No grade changes will be accepted after this date. As you prepare your grades, please remember the following:

-All final grades must be submitted using the SIS Online Grading System. Access to the system will be available beginning on Monday, April 26.
-The use of “Incomplete” (I) grades is governed by strict regulations. If you have questions about whether or not an Incomplete is warranted in a particular case, please contact the Registrar’s Office for guidance.
-If a student has missed the last class meeting and/or the final exam, the only grades which can be assigned are “edIncomplete” (IE), “No Report” (NR), or “Failed” (F).
-Please do not submit any duplicate forms or hard copies of grade sheets – these will only delay the posting of final grades.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 540-231-6267 or [email protected]

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